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7 tablets a day...HELP!

I know that compared to some people on here 7 tablets is nothing but I am VERY confused about what I should and shouldn't take around other tablets and I'm really struggling to take all of my tablets without interfering with my routine.

I am currently taking:

- 100 mcg Levothyroxine (one tablet, once a day)

- Colecalciferol (Vitamin D) (two tablets, twice a day)

- Methyl B-12 1000 mcg (one tablet, once a day)

- 500 mg Vitamin C (one tablet, once a day)

- 1 sachet iron supplements (spatone)

I know that Levothyroxine should be taken on an empty stomach and that I should wait one hour before eating or drinking anything other than water but otherwise I am confused about what I can take when and I'm concerned that I may be affecting my health by taking things at the wrong time.

Any advice would be amazing :)

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the spatone: take it 4 hours away from your levo

the vitamin D is it just vit D or does it have calcium? if it has calcium you need to take it 4 hours away from levo and 4 away from iron (what a pain)

vit C/B12 you can take anytime, however some people only tolerate vitamin Bs in the morning and if they take it in afternoon or evening they cannot sleep well, so see how you go


Yes, the Vitamin D does contain calcium...I may ask for this to be changed though as it seems almost impossible to fit all of my tablets into the day as they need to be so far apart!

Very interesting what you say about B-12 as I have been taking it in the evening and I NEVER sleep through the night so I will try changing that to the morning and see how I go. IS an hour long enough between taking Levo and then taking Vit C and B-12?

Thank you for the help. So confusing!


yes, B12 and vitamin C do not interfere with levo, so you can take them straight after if you like

Ask the GP to prescribe fultium (this is vitamin D only, 800units per capsule), they are gel capsules but do contain peanut oil so if you are allergic to nuts it's no good

might have traces of soy oil too


PS take the vitamin C with your iron (spatone) as it will help its absorption (but maybe spatone has vit C in it?)


Thanks so much for the advice. I'm a Teacher and have been trying to take my medication away from school but it looks like that isn't really possible. Meds every 4 hours it is!

I will also double check the Spatone for Vit C, thank you :)


Hi Emma you could always take your Levo at bedtime.I do that because I need a coffee first thing in the morning.

Hope you get it sorted.

regards Jill


I did consider that Jill but I'm not sure how long I would need to not eat for before going to bed and taking the Levo? I tend to snack at night but maybe that would be an incentive not to!! How long do you allow between eating & taking yours?


Hi again Emma ' Shaws' on here advised me not to eat or drink for 2 hours before I usually leave it about 4 hours. if you look at my questions and scroll down to" First thanks to all those who gave me support about taking list into Gp. Please can you give me some advice about taking levothyroxine?" you will see where I asked. There is also info on the main website somewhere-can't remember exactly.

By the way what do you teach. I'm a retired Nursery/Reception teacher and can't imagine what it is like coping with this condition and working!

regards Jill


I am a primary teacher & will be moving to a FS position in September so really need to get things sorted before then. My symptoms have improved dramatically but dry skin and problems with my eyes focusing are really affecting me at the moment. Feels like a never ending journey but I'm luckier than most. Thank you so much for your advice.


Who could ever have believed their life could become so complicated because of a pile of pills. I have a nice little routine all set up, my the alarm goes off and I take my levo the bubble packs of which I have draped over my glasses last thing at night, because if the worst comes to the worst ( which it has done) then I will see them when I put my glasses on, I then wait two hours before breakfast etc - but every now and again I doze off, miss the spot where I should take my levo and my whole system goes up the spout! Not such a disaster on normal days but if it is a day when I want to leave for work at 7am it is very bad news. :-) Liz


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