Sore gums

Does anyone else have sore gums/mouth? I am hashi and take 125mg Levo daily along with the usual vit d, B12, selenium, hcl with peptin and ibuprofen for awful joint pain/swelling. I have recently developed sore swollen gums. My dentist says it's bacterial gingivitis and put me on antibiotics and a mouth rinse, but I wondered if this is another thing hashi peeps have to live with? I also have elevated urate level but no gout and no sore toes! I'm bewildered any help or advice appreciated. Thank you

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My grand daughter has PA, she is always complaining of mouth ulcers.

Hi miglet54

I thought it might be PA but my B12 is in range now I supplement it was low before the lovely people on here advised to check it out.

In range sounds like the doctor, what is the result? It needs to be at the top of the range and supported with a good b vitamin.

Oh right I will get my file out in the morning and check that out.

Thank you

Good luck, hope your feeling better soon.

The only thing that ever affected my gums was gluten - used to be swollen and bleed and have similar issues all the time and the only thing that made it go away was going GF and all the pain stopped so don't think it had anything to do with my thyroid in my case. THe awful pains/swelling in my joints also disappeared at the same time along with a whole list of other issues.

As often suggested on here, many of have found going gluten free makes a huge difference to our health so def worth a try but has to be 100% and for at least three months to know if will make a difference.

Oh chewing raw garlic/garlic extract and onions can help with bacterial issues in your mouth - used to help mine quite a lot and more than the mouthwash lol!

In regards to the high urate level, I'm assuming you've had a kidney function test and this came back okay? Have you checked your blood glucose levels for diabetes?

With the peptins, hcls and low vits, I'm assuming you have some form of stomach issue? These meds and ibruprofen can cause havoc with the stomach too and can add to the problem so might be worth working out what is the root cause of your stomach issues instead? Gluten free would actually also be the best thing to try first but if fails, you could try an elimination diet to see if any other food groups are bothering you or ask for referral for further investigation. Has coeliac been ruled out bearing in mind the blood test is proven to be unreliable and can only be ruled out by endoscopy. THis does not help diagnose NCGS either.

Sorry I can't help much more than that but I'm sure others here will. Hope it gets better soon :-)

Hi saggyuk

Thank you much help here and a lot for me to get my head around. I'm still pondering the GF because it is such a complete lifestyle change. I suspect eventually I will be brave enough to give it a go. For now the heck with pepsin helps the digestion and bloat from, I suspect, the gluten? The urate I'm waiting on a follow up call with gp about. I have no idea what's going on there. She did 12 tests (I have to go down and collect the results with ranges) and I'm told all were 'normal' apart from urate! I'm sure I will be back on here once I have them.

Thank you so much for replying it really does help to know there are other sufferers out there who we can ask.

It's not much of a lifestyle change to be honest, after a few months, it's easy but I found it easier to stick to the naturally gluten free foods at first until I could read labels etc and in it's most natural form - potatoes, rice, GF Oats, sweet potato, meat, dairy, veg, fruit, seeds, nuts. Just get a schar loaf of bread (only one I'll eat), knorr stock cubes and bisto best gravy and you're good to go lol. Just have a quick read of cross contamination issues too, Many restaurants are now gluten free and I always take my own food to family houses if they're cooking so I still eat with them - even take my own mini BBQ lol!

I do understand though as I was a very reluctant at first but had hit desperation as could no longer manage but I noticed enough changes after 3/4 weeks to know it was making a difference and that's all I needed to push me permanently and never looked back. Remember, tell yourself it only has to be three months, if it works, you'll be bouncing with enough energy to deal with the lifestyle changes and if it doesn't, well you never have to wonder again lol.

Good luck what ever you decide and either way, I hope you resolve it :-)

Just a quick note, if you google the side effects of the hcl and peptin, they can pretty much cause the same issues you're trying to medicate so you could possibly be going round in circles?

Oh that has spurred me on saggyuk, thank you it doesn't sound as bad as I thought! I think I will give it a go then just need to plan my test three months, thinking holidays etc but I'm definitely going to give it a go.

Re hcl I took to this after suffering from reflux and the gp giving me those horrid PPI's and after I read that low acid and high acid have the same symptoms it twigged that that was what might be going on with me and I have to say I have not looked back. No bloat, no reflux/indigestion and a much happier tummy.

The ibuprofen is for the joint pain I wish I could take something else but I'm not sure paracetamol helps much?

Yes, don't try on holiday, that would be a bit of a nightmare until you're more confident with it unless self catering of course lol.

Glad they're working for you :-)

Hmmm, yes paracetemol will temporarily block the pain but wont reduce the inflammation. You could try a topical ibruprofen instead and bypass the stomach.

Have you been to a chiropractor - they're great for dealing with bone/joint pain and working out what's going on and much better than nhs physios and not too expensive.

I used to get a lot of back and knee pain etc and the thing that helped most was biofreeze gel, you may not want to use this all the time as wont reduce inflammation and not sure if has long term effects but it might help more when it's at it's very worst or you need to walk somewhere or remain active and it's too painful - only thing that helped enough sometimes :-)

Before I had my new hips I wassent to a pain management clinic! What an eye opener that was! We were told different pain killers for different things. The thing for none pain was paracetamol and I was thinking I would need something fancy and expensive.

Following my last hip replacement last year I got in a real. Was with new pain killers which were taken with paracetamol. The new pain killers which they wouldn't change for ones that suited me made me continually sick so once home stuck to paracetamol and worked well.

I don't have antibodies but a long history of bleeding gums which it's been suggested is a thyroid problem. But when I started to add K2 to my Vitamin D the bleeding stopped and my gums improved. The hygienists was so impressed she wanted to know what I had done to make the difference!

Now that's interesting because I used to take K2 & VitD then my levels of VitD improved to above range so I stopped it. Now I have gum problems 🤔 Think I might re-start it. Thanks for replying xx

I think if you needed Vit D you will always need it as levels will decline again as you have found. I think you need to get it where you want it then work on getting a maintenance dose that keeps it there

On reading the above, I assume that you are taking levothyroxine plus all the other minerals/vitamins together? If that is correct. levothyroxine must be taken alone with one full glass of water and wait about an hour before eating. Food interferes with the uptake of thyroid hormones.

I take supplements/vitamins at lunchtime as most have to be taken with food.

I have sore gum and afriend told me that licorice root boiled in water helps and it was very helpful . Hope this can help you

Thank you Nono. The dentist prescribed Cordosyl mouthwash. It was an aniseed taste and I have found it really helps. Also just picked up my latest results which I will post soon and notice that the GP has written 'normal no action' on the iron and ferritin but they are only just and I mean one unit inside the range so I'm guessing I need to boost my iron stores! You can't leave things to doctors these days! xx

Sorry i forgot you should use it as mouth wash I had sore gum that I had pain when eating lemon ,in the beginning I use it many times Aday and before going to bed it gave very good results better than the doctors medicine and with out any side effects.

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