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I am very concerned about my 71 year old mother. She is on 75 thyroxin and is suffering with a very sore mouth and in the evening she says her throat is so terribly dry. I have encouraged her to go to the drs and ask for blood tests to check out her levels. Could her throat and mouth problems be linked to her thyroid and has anyone else encountered this symptom? Any advice no matter how small would gratefully received I am so very worried about her thank you x

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  • Ali, I've not heard of dry mouth being thyroid related but members have had recurring mouth ulcers/sores when they were undermedicated, so a thyroid test is a good idea. There are other reasons for sore mouth too, so you are right to encourage your mother to see her doctor and perhaps her dentist too. Dentists are often a better judge of oral health than GPs.

  • When your mother has her thyroid hormone blood tests, TSH, T4, T3 and Free T4 and Free T3 she should not take her medication in the morning, take it afterwards. She should also have the earliest appointment as TSH is highest then. Ask GP to also check Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate as we are usually deficient. She should get a copy of her blood test results, with the ranges, from the surgery, we are entitled. to them. You can post them for members' comments.

    She could be B12 deficient which also causes mouth problems as well as other types of anaemia.

  • Hi,

    Do you know if her eyes feel dry at all? There is autoimuune condition called sjogean, spelling might be wrong?? It's symptoms are dry mouth and dry eyes, so might be worth asking if only to rule out.

    I've had a dry throat for a long time, years, I've not had anything done except a few checks at ENT, and all they did was look down my throat. I'm going to ask about sjogeans myself next time I see Dr.

    I hope your mum gets sorted soon. Only advise I can give is keep a bottle of chilled water with her and drink slowly.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Starfish123,

    If you suspect Sjogren's syndrome then you need to be seen by the Oral Medicine department of your local dental hospital. My endo suspected this because I have a problem with my salivary glands and I've had various tests (bloods, spit tests and tear tests) and I will get my results at follow up appointment next month.


    TT xx.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for that, I'm seeing my dr just before Christmas so I will ask then.

  • Hi Sounds like Sjogrens. There is treatment but drastic. There are toothpastes , gels and mouth wash available on or off scripts. best thing for dryness is a pure ice lolly or better still sucking ice cubes.YOU do not need to have dry eyes too but likely. artificial tears, preservative free best for that.


  • Get her tested for diabetes while shes at the doctors. Dry mouth/excessive thirst is a classic diabetes symptom, even if just to rule it out.

  • Lack of b vits can cause a sore mouth.

  • My elderly mother-in-law had terrible trouble with a sore mouth and it turned out to be a particularly bad case of lichen planus.

  • My mother had a sore mouth which turned out to be a B12 deficiency.

    I went through a period of having a dry throat and the GP gave me a throat spray which helped at the time. Might be worth investigating?

  • Hi Ali72,

    It sounds like it could be Sjogren's syndrome... see my post to Starfish123 below.


    TT xx.

  • Hello, I had a lot of problems with my mouth being sore and sensitive to certain foods, when checked out at hospital it was found to be Hyperkeratosis. Most likely cause being Hypothyroid,; although not all doctors agreed with it, another doctor said he was sure it was lichen planus....Im certain in my mind that my weak immune system caused by my hypothyroidism has caused this , as well as lichen sclerosis elsewhere... Please insist her GP refers her to the Oral Maxillo Outpatient clinic at local hospital to check her out.Referrals are usually quick.. Denise...

  • Thank you so much everyone every comment and suggestion is so helpful. She is such a wonderful mum and I hate to see her in pain. Unfortunately I will have to literally drag her to the GPS because she doesn't like the trouble it causes everyone and she prefers to stick her head in the sand xx

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