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Dry mouth, sore tongue??


I have an extremely dry mouth most of the day and as a result, an incredibly sore tongue. I also have a bitter taste. Is this a symptom of hypothyroidism or a side effect of Levothyroxine? Or not connected at all? I've had this for 5 months. Some days are dreadful. Some days are better. When I lie down the bitter taste goes but I wake in the night with a dry mouth. My saliva production seems ok - it doesn't make sense!

Any help or comments very much appreciated :)

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Was getting these side effects from Mercury Pharma Levothyrpxine, but not much better on Wockhardt Levothyroxine. Janet.

Hi Janet, my pharmacist ordered in Activis for me but, like you, no improvement yet. It's been just over 2 weeks. Is your taste bitter too? How often do you have it? Is it constant? Xxx

Hi Mrspinkrat, Yes, taste is bitter and also have powdery, slightly waxy feeling in mouth with 'glue-like' covered spots on body. It is constant, but slightly worse just after taking Levo (about 6.30 am). Janet.

My mum has sjrogrens, dry mouth is the main symptom and dry eyes, its also an auto immune condition.

I did wonder about Sjrogens. But I have an overwhelming bitter taste too. No other symptons really......


It can also be a symptom of low B12. Have your B12 checked.

marmaris in reply to shaws

I was thinking this for a while too. My vit B12 was not optimized in May so I am requesting retest. I have a coating and bitter taste. However I changed my Levo from Mercury Pharma and it is better a bit only thing is NHS T3 Mercury pharma so can't win.


I'm waiting for blood test results - been tested for this and zinc, vitamin D too. I'm almost hoping results are positive as I'm at my wits end with this - it's just so constant :( xx

Hi, I have all good vitamin and mineral results and have been tested for Sjogrens which was negative and am also at my wits end, so have come to the conclusion that it must be Levothyroxine. Janet.

Could it be hormone related? I had 5 months with no periods at all (I'm 43). Initially GP thought I was in early menopause and bloods showed that was likely. Then they went back to normal and my periods restarted. Now they are closer together and long and heavy. The taste seems to get worse just before I am due on but this could just be in my imagination (though my partner agrees that I complain more about the 'taste' in the few days before I start!?).....

Just a thought!

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