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Just received these results what do you think?

Had appointment with endo on 17 May wasn't too impressed by what he said but it's the old old story your last blood test results in Ocober were optimal which I replied optimal for whi certainly not me I have been feeling terrible until I increased thyroxine. But things are still not that great very up and down. He completely avoided answering me when I stated that things had improved for a whIle when I had increased my dose by 25mcg then went on to alternating the dose 75mcg/100mcg. He asked how long I had been on thyroxine (5 years) then said he would test for celiac disease.

Results were : - Free T4 . 16 (9-20pmol/L)

FreeT3. 4.1 (2.4-5.7pmol/L)

TSH 0.35 (0.35-4.94 mU/L)

Calcium blood level 2.45 ((2.20-2.60mmol/L)

Albumin. 47 (35-50 g/L)

Alkaline Phosphatase 68 (20-130U/L)

Parathyroid Hormone 3.6 (1.6-6-9 pmol/L)

Vitamin blood level 25 OH Vitamin D2 5.5 ( nmol/L)

25 OH Vitamin D3 95.3 (nmol/L)

25 OH Vit D (total) 100.8 (50.0-220.0 nmol/L)

Comment - Adequate Vitamin D status

Tissue Transglutaminase. Comment - Tissue Transglutaminase Negative

In treated patients who are compliant with a gluten free diet antibodies

Disappear in 6-12 months. < 1.9 (<20.0 CU)

Vit B 12 < 978 ^ (187-883 ng /L) Didn't stop B12 spray so screwed


Corrected calcium 2.37 (2.20 - 2.60 mmol/L)

This blood test wasn't taken until 12.06 I had fasted and no thyroxine taken in the 24 hours before only water to drink.

Would be grateful to hear anyone's thoughts.

Thank you all 😄😄

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TSH would have been higher had you been tested early in the morning and so would FT3. TSH 0.43 is low-normal, FT4 16 is just shy of the top third of range, and FT3 is halfway through range. 75/100mcg is adequate dosing but there is scope to increase to 100mcg to raise FT4 and FT3 although it may suppress TSH which your endo probably won't like.

You are negative for coeliac disease.

Patathyroid hormone and calcium are within range which rules out hyper and hypo parathyroidism.

Albumin and Alkaline phosphatase are normal.

VitD is optimal.

B12 is high because you are supplementing, the result isn't skewed. If you want a baseline B12 result you would need to supplementing for 4 months.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply Clutter.

It's difficult to get the blood test done any earlier isn't it when you are attending an appointment in an NHS hospital my appointment want till 11 am. I've been supplementing B 12 for well over 12 months now. My main problem now is the continual aching . But NHS endo is judging me only on blood test results not symptoms!



I don't have that problem as I can arrange my own phlebotomy appointments at my GP practice and the endo's hospital phlebotomy dept.

If you have enough Levothyroxine you could see whether the aches improve on 100mcg daily.

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I used to be able to do that but endo I see now is in a different area to my docs and hospital which complicates things a bit.


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