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Steroids help me

About four years ago I suffered what was called "an acute stress reaction". I already had Hypothyroidism and was a coeliac and had lichen planus for years, but within weeks I also lost all my hair (Alopecia areata) and developed another auto immune problem vitiligo. Thanks to this forum and Paul Robinsons book I treated myself learned to read my blood test etc and now take T4 and T3 and lots of vitamins and minerals.

Originally I was tested for Addisons and my doctor and Endo still think I have it but I was tested again, Results baseline cortisol 209mn/L ,peak 593nm/L "Normal adequate response".

I have recently had a series of infections including cellulitus and my skin (lichen planus) was so bad I was put on steroids again (as I was when they first tested me for Addisons.

My skin cleared up (although its back again now)and for the first time in a long time the mist/fog that I live with cleared and I felt "normal". I am not sure if this would happen to anyone on steroids or whether it is an indication that I do need them? Does anyone have any ideas?

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I am not able to answer your question but your heading Steroids Help me could refer to the positive Steroids 'help me' or it could mean Help me - Steroids. I don't know anything about steroids?


It was positive a I feel so much better on them but then expect most people do. But I was also interested in the fact that they clear up my skin, because all the while it is open sores I am susceptible to cellulitus


I think it's great they have helped you. Cellulitis sounds awful since it affects your skin so badly. Others will respond if they've used them too.


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