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Help! TSH 'normal' on new bloods

Hi all

I have no idea what is the best course of action to take. I was raised onto 100mg of levo 7 weeks ago when my TSH had crept up to 5.6. I didn't get a copy of my bloods. It is worth noting that I was put onto a different brand of tablets for the 100s too.

Anyway, I've felt totally rubbish since, including some very bleak days. It has lifted a little, but I'm far from okay and still lack energy. (I also have a Fibro DX, with suspected CFS, although I do wonder whether it is all part of the same issue.)

Anyway, I had my repeat bloods done and my TSH is now 1.2. Nowhere on my bloods is T3 or T4, so I've not been tested for those.

Other things on the bloods:

B12 = 450ng/L [211.0-911.0]

Ferritin = 58ug/L [10.0-322.0]

Folate = 20.6ug/L [5.4-24.0]

hydroxy Vit D level = 124 nmol/L [75.0-250.0]

My liver function tests are off, so I've been told to repeat these:

alanine aminotransferase level: 81iu/L [<40.0] high

albumin level: 38g/L [35.0 - 50.0]

alkaline phosphatase level: 27iu/L [30.0-130.0] low

So, I am on the same dose, but I've requested the first brand I had again (I'm onto my third) from the pharmacist. I don't know whether there are any more supplements to take. I take a B vitamin complex (strong) and a Vitamin D softgel recommended on here at 10,000 a day. I take the odd iron tablet too.

I don't know whether to wait and see what happens with the change in brand and the liver function retest, or to get some private bloods done. I feel very foggy and out of it at the moment. I'm also struggling with eating and am gaining stupid amounts of weight. I have eliminated gluten so far. Any advice would be appreciated.

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TSH 1.2 indicates that 100mcg dose is probably correct although it would be helpful to see FT4 result to confirm. FT3 is rarely tested in primary care. Hopefully switching to your previous Levothyroxine brand will improve your symptoms. I would wait until you have been taking the new brand for 6-8 weeks before ordering private tests.

VitD is optimal 100-150 so if you can get some sun on your face and arms a few hours during the week you could stop supplementing. If not, reduce dose to 1,000iu to maintain current level.

Ferritin is optimal halfway through range so you might want to supplement iron daily with 1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. Both iron and VitD should be taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.

High ALT


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Thank you - this is really helpful :).


May I ask what brand you were changed to and which have you gone back to


I started on Mercury, I moved onto Actavis which seems to have been problematic and now I've got Teva. I've requested to go back to Mercury. My husband is a development chemist who worked on Levo for a long time; he was not impressed that they keep switching brands. Apparently Levo is a difficult medicine to get right and keep right consistently, sticking with one brand can help. My chemist has just had to bulk-buy a load in for me, so I hope it works! :D

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"Apparently Levo is a difficult medicine to get right and keep right consistently, sticking with one brand can help."

Coming from a development chemist who worked on Levo, that is a very valuable snippet of information!!!


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