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Hypothyroid and can't get T3 prescribed

Hi all, so after 3 years of endo asking GP to prescribe T3 and GP's refusing because of CCG rules, I am going to buy my own. I have been supplementing with vitamin D, which is prescribed after parathyroid surgery, also take B6, B13, omega oils, vitamin K, magnesium and zinc. Am missing selenium so not sure whether to try that first to see if it helps improve conversion of T4 to T3. Anyone had experience of this? Have also got NDT but tried it two weeks ago (started on one grain, felt fine, next day cut back to half a grain and just felt so awful that hypo feeling was horrible (followed advice from someone on fb)-, maybe I should just go on how I feel and try it for a few weeks? Help, I just want to feel normal after twenty years of feeling like a zombie and missing out on things

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Why would you start on 1 grain and then halve it next day? 1/2 grain is equivalent to 32.5mcg Levothyroxine. How much Levothyroxine were you taking before you switched to NDT? If you can post recent thyroid results and ranges members can advise whether you were optimally dosed.



I am strong advocate of selenium as those suffering digestive issues caused by Hashi inflammation can have poor absorption of nutrients. Selenium is important in not only the making of thyroid hormone and protecting against oxidative damage (hydrogen peroxide) but has been shown to reduce thyroid antibodies.

Your sups are good but what about iron and Vit B12 levels ? ? ..

I have noticed that members switching to NDT with iron/nutrients deficiencies, poor adrenal function or elevated thyroid antibodies often suffer intolerance. I assume you are medicating levo and adding a little T3 to your T4 encourages well-being and allows a healing for a future switch to NDT when all systems are working.

Did you reduce T4 dose when introducing NDT ? Taking one grain and reducing the following day is not a good idea.

If you advise of your med doses and post any recent blood test results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) members will comment.


Perhaps Jewiemax meant B12 rather than B13, because there isn't a B13. :)

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Hi I foolishly followed advice from another groups administrator, but ought to have stuck to my own plan to begin on one grain twice a day a band build up. I take B12 everyday. Methyl cobalamine.


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