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Dosage/Labs Update and still feel horrible:

Hey all,

It's been a couple of months since reducing my T4. I went from 175 T4 and was told to either go higher or to reduce and add in T3, so I opted for the latter.

I am currently alternating 137/150 every other day for a net roughly of 144. Trying to add in the 15 mcg of T3 was SO horrendous for my body for some reason that I had to wait a week to do so as my body was not fond of this. However, I take generally 5/10 mcg of T3 now and feel no different/better.

Here are my labs as of most recent:

TSH: .14 (range: .4 - 4.5)

FT4: 1.4 (.8 - 1.8)

FT3: 2.8 (2.4 - 4.2)

Magnesium: 1.9 (1.6 - 2.4)

Ferritin: low... even with supplementing and adding in meat again, it stays low.

The one perk to lowering my T4 is that I feel less anxious and that's about it. My sleep seemed to have died the day my RAI was introduced and I genuinely don't think I will ever have a dream again, nor more than a few hours of sleep, let alone deep sleep.

Initially after reducing I had bad nausea, headaches, and then a lack of appetite. I gained a few pounds and feel overall more bloated. Most worrisome though, in the past two weeks I have had such bad backaches that sometimes toward front and by 6 pm, I feel so out of it and exhausted and physically heavy, like my legs are weights and my sinuses stuff up. The sinuses isn't rare but has been common, especially on synthroid. Most importantly, I don't feel that the T3 is helping me.

I have a doc that wants me to try Armour and I am hesitant to do NDT again but I don't know if I should have raised or what. My TSH (which I place no faith into now) is even lower on a reduced amount than before and my other numbers tend to look the same regardless of my T4 amount. I feel people with a thyroid are on a higher amount than me but I would love pointers. Almost three years of this hell and I'm tired of it, literally, guys. I'm so grateful for all of your feedback and help...

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Your FT3 is still low in range. Try taking a second 5mcg T3 dose 8-12 hours after the first.

Which iron and what dose are you taking to raise ferritin?


i was 65 mg or iron and then blackstrap molasses... to no avail as it seems...

any reason why the sleep is seeming like it's more on the surface with this?



Try 2 or 3 x 65mg iron. Once ferritin is at a good level you can reduce to 1 x 65mg as a maintenance dose.

Sorry, I've no idea why your sleep is off. I so rarely recall dreams it is a quite an occasion when I do wake up recalling a dream.


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