Help with teenage son with high T3

Hi everyone

Everyone is so knowledgeable on here, I wondered if someone might comment on my son's blood test results. He has an Endocrinologist appointment at the end of the month.

He is 16 next month, has Autism and severe anxiety and is currently receiving testosterone injection for delayed puberty.

The problem at the moment is that he is constantly tired and sleeps all day apart from when he is at school. His thyroid results are as follows:

TSH 1.82

T4 11.2

T3 7.9 (HIGH)

Sorry there are no reference ranges as my surgery don't give them on the print out. Does anyone have any idea why the T3 is so high? I am worried that he may have hashimotos like me.

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Having the anti-bodies tested - TPO and Tg would confirm Hashimotos. Could he be LOW in Iron as that can have an effect on development I have read. So it would be good to check Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD - and a FULL Iron Profile would be helpful ......

What is the range for the FT3 - here in Crete it goes up to 8.30 - but that may not be the case at your lab :-)

Low Iron/B12/Folate can also be the cause of anxiety.

Scroll down in the above link to see the signs and symptoms of B12 deficiency - it can be a neurological condition if a result under 500 is left untreated.

Thanks Marz. That's really helpful - I know what to ask the Endo to test...

I think the range for T3 is up to 6.5 if I remember rightly from my own blood tests.

He actually takes 400mg of ferrous sulphate daily as he had a ferritin of 11 six months ago. They were supposed to test it again this time but didn't:( so I will ask about that again.

I hadn't thought of B12 at all so that's a good point. There is a strong family history of PA and I am being tested for it in a month. I will ask for the same for him!

Thank you so very much :)

Taking VitC with the Iron aids absorption I have read. In spite of having Crohns and endless gut surgery I seem to have always absorbed iron - hence I am not well informed. There are lots of others here who know their stuff when it comes to Iron. helvella has compiled a detailed list of the various types of Iron - so having alerted him he may well respond. Thinking ahead - in case the current iron your son is taking is not having the desired effect. The NHS normally try to prescribe the cheapest :-)

B12 works in the body with Folate or B9 - so it is important to have that tested too as mentioned. VitD - a steroidal pro-hormone and needed in every cell of the body - so worth a test as it can make such a difference to wellbeing. But hey I expect you know all this .....

If you are planning on having your son tested for PA or even B12 deficiency - then do not start any B12 supplementation as any results will be skewed.

Thanks again for that Marz. I keep being told they will test 'everything' but then they don't! Doctors keep putting the sleeping down to him being a teenager. I already have one of those so I know it's more than that!! Will put my foot down at the upcoming appointment!

I will try the vitamin C and thanks for asking helvella to comment too :)

Yes I think this 'sleepy teenager ' label is often linked to diet too - which in turn leads to anaemia - either B12 - Folate - or Iron. So do add a FBC to the testing as Docs mistakenly think that B12 Deficiency does not exist in the absence of anaemia and will say * normal * when it is at the bottom of the range.

Some of my knowledge/experience comes from having 4 grandsons - one of whom suffered/suffers badly with Iron deficiency and is a VERY sleepy teenager.

Yes, my son's diet is not great. He has always been a picky eater due to his Autism and sensory issues but this has only got worse as he has got older!

My very short iron document can be found here:

That's really informative. Thank you.

As well as the possibility of P.A. both Vit B12 and Vit D are prohormones and are essential to be towards the upper part of the range.

Doctors don't seem to be aware that if older people have low levels of the above, dementia etc can be the result. Also cognitive difficulties for young in particular.

He has the majority of that list of symptoms! He is on medication for depression and anxiety but I have never felt it has worked.

As I said to Marz, I will be asking the Endo for all of these things to be explored.

Thank you so much.

Best wishes to your son as he deserves to get the best possible treatment particularly if some issues are due to low vitamins/minerals/hormones. It is also of concern to the whole family.

Absolutely. Thank you :)

I'd also ask for a homocysteine level to be taken as taking B12 can reduce this if it is high.

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