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Help to get balanced supplements

Just wanting to know if anyone has advice. Its all so complex and sometimes the information I find is quite contradictory. However, on the basis I am trying to optimize my health and have started on a T4 T3 combo I am trying to get a supplement regime that supports conversion and reduces high antibody levels. I have been gradually collecting blood results for a range of indicators. Today got results for sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium as I was going to start supplementing with magnesium malate for muscles mainly. Now I see I have blood levels top of the range for calcium and mid range for magnesium I'm wondering whether I should stay off the extra magnesium. In addition with high calcium I am wondering whether i should go back on a daily K2 supplement which I stopped when I stopped my D3 winter dosing at the end of March. Apart from the fact I stopped all supplements for a couple of days before the test, i take maintenance doses of b12, high doses of vit c, b complex and curcuma. Zinc is low and will go onto a vit c + zinc when it arrives. I'm conscious that blood magnesium levels can simply indicate magnesium the body is dumping and doesn't necessarily tell you whether your cells are deficient. It would be good to know what others do...

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I would think it might be good idea to carry on vit K to help your calcium go where it should! Are you having any symptoms which magnesium might help-muscle cramps, restless legs etc? I've only just started seriously supplementing but took notice that I should be aiming for optimal levels so perhaps it wouldn't harm to carry on with it!


Yes I'm of the same mind. If blood calcium is quite high the vit k2 could be beneficial in getting it to the bones. I think my bones are definitely deteriorating quicker as a result of having hashis. I was contemplating the magnesium as I set off on a 500 km bike ride. I do get quite fatigued after strenuous activity. I recover after about a couple of hours but my muscles often complain for longer. I thought the magnesium might help recovery but am conscious not to overdo supplementing especially as magnesium, calcium and potassium are all at the higher end of the scale. What is your supplement regime ?

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I've been taking high doses of glucosamine, omega 3, and vit C for a long time, SAM-e for a couple of years, chromium,cinnamon, magnesium occasionally, have just done similar tests to you and found a lot wanting! Just started with; B 12, B complex, D3, K1&2, selenium, pregnenelone, probiotic, magnesium, mineral compound,curcumin,CLA,leptin, waiting for T3 and DHEA to arrive. I eat at least 6-7 portions of fruit and veg a day. I have been on 200mg levo for years, put on an enormous amount of weight and started to go downhill over the past 3 years. I started to take control of my meds 2 years ago but didn't discover there were other treatments for hypo until recently! I'm not surprised you feel fatigue after that bike ride! I feel exhausted thinking about it lol! I have mobility probs due to arthritis but I'm sure I will be so much better when this lot kick in! I used to ride a bike-I shall make that my goal! Thanks for the idea!😄


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