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Blood test results for reviews

Blood test results for reviews

Tsh= 3.06 mU/L high sensitivity

Free T4= 1.3 ng/dL

Free T3= 3.3 pg/mL

C-peptide= 3.2 ng/mL

Vita-D= 31.1 ng/mL

Glucose= 85 mg/dL

A1c= 4.3

Vita B12= 717 pg/mL

Folate= 4.6 ng/mL low abnormal

More labs results in the photo.

Ultra sound found 2 new nodules bringing my total to 9.

Diet is completely allergy free, clean and paleo.

Medications taking:

Synthroid 200 mcg

Cytomel 5 mcg

Vitamin D once a week 50,000 IUs

Other meds are for anxiety(xanax) and allergies( inhaler/nasal spray/2 allergy pills

Waiting on delivery of methylfolate and B-12 complex

Any reviews are welcome, I am always searching for new ways to try and fix this.

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Hi - without ranges for these, any analysis would be a guess as all labs are different. Do you have the ranges? They will look something like free t4 1.3 (0.7-4.2).


Biggest question is how do you feel?

If you're free of symptoms then great! Most people however tend to do better with a TSH of 1 or under. When on T4/T3 combination often TSH is even lower (however your T3 dose is quite small in comparison to your levo).

Please post the ranges. From what I can tell your FT3 is also likely low, but without ranges can't be sure.


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