Supplement advice please



Ferritin78.320 - 150ug/L

Thyroid Function

TSH1.050.27 - 4.20mIU/L

T4 Total87.464.5 - 142.0nmol/L

Free T415.5512 - 22pmol/L

Free T34.623.1 - 6.8pmol/L


Anti-thyroid peroxidase Abs, H 36.9

Anti-thyroglobulin Abs, H 315

Vitamin D (25 OH), L 20

Vitamin B12, L 232

Serum Folate 18.07

Just had results of private bloods.

Showing low Vit D and B12, recommends supplementing. Should I try GP for supplements or can I get sufficient over the counter.

Any advice please, am on 50 thyroxine and feeling okay but keep injuring myself and still sleeping badly and suffering intermittent crashes.

Many thanks


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2 Replies

  • First of all go to your GP so it is recorded on your medical records in case you need further tests.

    I don't know what area you are but depending on your area you could get reasonable treatment for initial vitamin D deficiency and possibly vitamin B12 deficiency - you haven't posted the reference range.

    Once you have been to your GP come back here for your vitamin D and go on the pernicious anaemia society forum for vitamin B12, start new posts and state what your GP has prescribed you to get more detailed advice.

  • Just had a full blood test, and it turned out my vitamin D was 17, doctor prescribed high dosage vitamin D on the NHS, then retest in six weeks. Then if good maintainance dose after that which I will have to pay for from the chemist, if you need high dose tablets you have to see the doctor I think for a prescription as not sure if you can buy them over the counter. I think what you can buy from the chemist the dose is not high enough. You have to ask at the chemist for advice. Good luck.

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