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The last time I was on here I was advised to up my NDT as not optimal. This I started to increase from 3 grains to 3 & 3/4 but then was told to get my vitamin level up, b12, d, folic acid otherwise the increased NDT would not work so I stopped at 3 3/4. Well I saw my endocrinologist last week for the last time (as I'm stable) and because I had had increased my NDT my blood test showed:

At 3 grains it was

TSH 0.05 0.27-4.20

Free t4. 11.69 12-22

Free t3 4.91 3.1-6.8

At 3 & 3/4 grains

TSH 0.03 0.35-5.0

Free t4 21.3 9-21

Free t3 6.1 3.5-6.5

Now my consultant said in his opinion I should probably be on 3 1\2 grains but I have been told you need to go over active before you can find your optimum dose so I have increased to 4 grains but am a bit concerned at the free t4 over range.

I will take another blood test in June and hopefully my vitamin levels will be up but do you think I should stay on 4 grains until then or increase by 1/4 after 3 weeks? I have been on 4 grains for the last 11 days if it is too much how soon would your body tell you it's too much?

As always very grateful for any help.

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  • I'm just wondering why you didn't go from 3-3.5. What made you decide to go on 3.75?

  • Hi, yes I did increase to 3.5 then 3.3/4 then I was confused by someone saying I need to get vits up first for the NDT to be absorbed properly so I stopped at 3.3/4. But now unsure of what next to do as my consultant said I was over with the blood results.

  • Kazza8,

    You aren't over medicated on 3.75 grains but you will be on 4 grains. It's not true that you have to become over medicated to find your optimal dose. Your optimal dose is when your symptoms are resolved and your thyroid levels are within range.

  • So if my symptoms still stay the same on 4 grains do I increase by 1/4 even though I will be over medicated?

  • Kazza8,

    No, you should make sure FT3 remains within range. Symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by months and your vitamin and mineral levels will need optimising too.

  • Many thanks, I will stay on 4 grains for another couple of months when I have next blood test and then see what symptoms still with me and post blood results and we can reassess. It is certainly not a quick process and so much to check.

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