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Follow up results

Further to my initial post, here are the results from my medicheck ultavit test:

THS 2.53 (0.27-4.20)

Free thyroxine 16.25 (12-22)

Total thyroxine (T4) 90 (59-154)

Free T3 3.15 (3.10-6.80)

TGA 13.880 (0-115)

TPA 5.18 (0-34)

Vit B12 402 (140-724)

Folate (serum) 9.94 (3.89-26.80)

25 OH vit D 88.45 (50.0-200)

Ferritin 88.73 (13-150)

You have been so helpful and I thank you.

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FT4 is just under half way through range and FT3 nearly at bottom.

TGA is low (which is good) and many gut issues recover with higher levels of thyroid hormone.

Don't know what TPA is but Vit B12, folate, and Vit D is still low although you say you are supplementing in a previous post.

A multi nodular goitre together with low thyroid hormone indicates your thyroid is working over time. Have you had TGAb tested yet ?

Your cortisol levels and DHEAS are low as advised in a previous post and correspond with low thyroid hormone as this will try to compensate.


Hi Radd,

TGA is thyroglobulin antibody, which I think that is the same as TGAb. TPA is thyroid peroxidase antibodies :-)


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