Advice please re gluten free

I am looking for advice, I have been told I have Hashimotos in my first post and I have been advised to go gluten free due to these antibody results.



TSH 4.6 (0.2 - 4.2)

FREE T4 15.1 (12 - 22)

FREE T3 3.2 (3.1 - 6.8)

I am taking 200mcg levothyroxine and 20mcg T3 and my worry is whilst I would like to go gluten free most of my meals are microwaved because I finish work at 5pm and do not get home until 6.30-7pm so I am relying on meals that are quick to cook and eat. Is there a way around this when going gluten free please? Also my GP wants me checked for coeliac because of gut problems and the previous coeliac test not being accurately done so how do I go about preparing for this? Thank you.

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Hi, I would say for the coeliac test it's important not to cut out gluten fully until a proper test is done as you wouldn't get an accurate result if you cut it out before. I would maybe consider batch cooking some gluten free recipes that you can microwave up if you could do that? Or making some portions of salads up for the next few days to maybe go with grilled fish or chicken. You can get microwaveable cartons on Amazon etc for cooked gluten free recipes you could freeze. Your antibodies are very very high so trying to get these down is a must for you really. It's not all that bad if you focus more on less gluten carb based things but just more veg, proteins and non gluten carbs. As many natural grown things the better. Even things like baked potatoes are gluten free, sweet potatoes. You can even be extra lazy like our family and get bags of frozen ready baked potatoes which you can cook in the microwave, put with a nice Greek salad or something. I would just deal with the coeliac result when you have a proper answer x

Coeliac is related to gluten, usually from wheat but also things like barley and rye. It has nothing to do with milk or other dairy products. xx

Oh sorry I thought it was pretty much lactose intolerance. So it's similar to diabetic reactions to foods then as they are pretty much carb based things?

I am sorry - I just don't know where to start to explain. No it is actually nothing like diabetic issues. Could I suggest that you consider using google to understand a bit more before you try to advise others? xx

Do not go gluten free until your doctor has tested to see if you have coeliac disease otherwise the test will definitely come back negative.

In regards to your meals do you have plastic containers, a fridge, a decent size freezer and a microwave?

Lots of people batch cook things on the weekend/day they have more time then refrigerate and freezer them. You can then take things out of the freezer the night before to defrost in the fridge, and heat them in the microwave the next evening.

The other thing you can do is eat things e.g. vegetables, canned fish with potatoes/sweet potatoes you cook in the microwave.

Thanks yes I have plastic containers and fridge. Freezer is quite small but we don't really use it. We have a good microwave too.

You need to find out exactly what it is that is causing your problems then you can work out to treat it, I try and avoid wheat and corn after finding out I have colitis. Better to cook from scratch if you can. If you have a small freezer meals can be made in advance then frozen and reheated in the microwave, certain foods do not take long to cook. Best of luck in sorting yourself out.

Really as others have said do not go gluten free until the Cealiac test has been done.

After that you will find lots of gluten free recipe,s online ..In store magazines etc once you get your head round it you will find it not difficult.

Some supermarket own brand P!Us other brands can be bought for fridge and freezer to microwave for days you just don't have the energy to cook from scratch.

You will find that gluten free pasta etc can be quite expensive as is gluten free bread compared to " normal "

Good luck.

In order to get correct coeliac test result you need to overeat on wheat etc like 6 slices of bread a day for at least 4 weeks

Absolutely do not go gluten free until you have had the celiac blood tests and biopsy. You need to be on a gluten challenge to get accurate results.

If you are diagnosed celiac, the blood tests might be repeated at intervals during treatment to see if the antibodies are going down. This shows whether the disease is successfully being managed. For these repeated tests you don't go back on gluten. But for the initial test you must be on a gluten challenge. Check with your doctor about exact requirements.

You could also at least be tested for lactose intolerance and other things like food allergies.

My feeling is that it's good to trial gluten free with Hashimoto's anyway, even without a celiac diagnosis.

You have to guard against cross-contact (sometimes called cross-contamination). This makes it extra difficult, but I haven't found it worthwhile to go halfway gluten free.

There are all sorts of ways to get creative with diet. You can cook soups and freeze them. There are frozen gf foods, but they can get expensive.

Thanks I had 2 lots of coeliac tests. The second antibody test result was higher than the first but still in negative range. For both tests I did not eat much gluten, I was hardly eating anything all day due to low appetite and a goitre. I have been getting increased abdominal cramps and diarrhoea and weight loss after eating more gluten than usual so I would like to try the gluten challenge again and do it the way I am supposed to.

Take care with any frozen potato products you buy as some are coated with flour

The gluten challenge typically lasts some weeks...I don't know what the latest standards are. Even if the tests are not positive it might be worth it to cut out gluten anyway for symptom management.

Gluten free meal suggestions that are simple

Salmon new pots and veg

Venison burgers and celeriac mash

Baked spud and beans

Cod in tomato and rosemary (in frozen section)

Brown rice pasta dishes

Quern chicken pieces or mince (so you can do quick curries and chilli

Scrambled egg with bacon and veggies


Meat salads

Steak and chips and veg

Thai curry pastes are gluten free

There's actually a lot when you get going

I was advised to go grain free and dairy free as all effect the efficacy of thyroid medication and people with Hashimotos can often have leaky gut. It may sound strange but I also read drinking celery juice on an empty stomach and then wait 20 minutes before eating can help heal leaky gut. It's certainly helped me. I'm healthier now than ever despite having Hashimotos for 7+ years.

I usually get home around the same time as you so it's a big salad or I roast some veggies and a nice piece of steak, lamb or fish. Only takes about 15 minutes to prepare and safe from all the nasties they put in microwave dinners.

If you are mainly eating microwave meals, you may feel an improvement in your health just by switching to homemade meals. Some can be cooked in a comparible time to microwave meals!

As people are suggesting, bagged salads, quick to grill meats, stir fried veg. You can start off with many things ready chopped for speed. At the weekend make one large batch like a stew.

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