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recent thyroid test

Hi there,

I'm back in Oz after my holiday in Uk and had a thyroid test a couple of days ago.

My TSH is 0.42 (0.50 to 4.00) mIU/L

My free T4 is 11 ( 10 to 25) pmol/L

They don't test for free t3 unfortunately.

B12 - 475 pmol/L (>260)

(My B12 has gone down from 490 in early Feb even tho' I'm supplementing, unless I'm not understanding the reference range)

Folate 36.3 nmol/L (6.5 -45.0)

Do these levels look good? I'm not feeling all that much better to be honest, but that could be because I've now got other stuff going on, such as peripheral neuropathy, for which I'll be having an MRI in April.

I'd be grateful if the administrators could give me some feedback on these latest results. Thanks so much for your input.

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Most people taking NDT will have low FT4 and will need FT3 in the upper third of range to feel well. Can you order a private thyroid test to check FT3?

B12 has dropped since Feb. I don't know whether that is significant. are the experts on B12.

Folate is good.

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Thanks Clutter for your feedback. I'll look into ft3 private test, but I get the impression that they're not as available (or as reasonably priced) here as they are in the UK. Yes, I don't understand how B12 has dropped - I've been supplementing 2000mcg sublingual methylcobalamin daily since around 10th Feb, plus Jarrow B complex. That's weird eh? I'll check out the link you posted. Cheers, Tracy


I am not an Admin but am happy to contribute :-) The B12 result you have is only that which is circulating in the blood. B12 is needed in the cells - so only a small amount - around 20% of your result is available to be transported there. The blood contains both bound and unbound B12 and only one reaches the cells. High Folate does seem strange - are you supplementing ? Once supplementing B12 - I am afraid the results are skewed and non too accurate.

I was diagnosed with a Thyroid problem in 2005 at 59 - Hashimotos. I had the Terminal Ileum removed back in 1972 - ( B12 metabolism takes place in that area ) - but was never told about treatment for life for B12 :-( I bumped along at around 350 ) and was always told it was normal - until of course I woke up and began to learn more about the thyroid et al. Thank goodness I was retired and had the time to read !

I started with PN and have had back surgery which I was told was stenosis - and now I often wonder ? Could it Be B12 ? - have you read that book by Sally Pacholok ? You can find it on-line - also her movie by the same name .....


Thanks Marz. Apparently the lab that did my bloods will automatically run an Advanced 'Active' B12 test if the B12 result is under 260. But since mine was 475, this didn't happen. So I guess their reference range means that on paper at least I'm not in any way deficient in B12. But it's odd that my B12 has decreased a little bit especially as I've been supplementing since 10th Feb. Oh well....:) Onwards and upwards! Thanks for your input Marz.


Maybe the B12 supplement is not being absorbed. Do you have symptoms of B12 deficiency ?


I've got lots of symptoms of so many things these days, so I can't answer that question with any certainty. But I'm seeing my Rheumy next month so I'll bring up the B12 issue with her and take it from there👍🏻


Are you taking the folate/B9 I mentioned earlier ? B12 and Folate/Folic Acid work together in the body ...


Hi, yes I have been supplementing B12 sublingual since 10th Feb together with Jarrow B-Complex. But now have peripheral neuropathy and am having an MRI on 13/4. Can B12 ever be the cause of neuropathy I wonder? I'm so confused and worried about this new development in my health😕


And yes, also taking Solgar folate tablets.


Maybe check out how much Folic Acid is in the Complex and then add on the Folate - could it be too much with both ?

PN is one of the many neurological symptoms of Low B12. I gave you a link above about the Book by Sally Pacholok. It also takes you to an excellent B12 website where you can also click onto the Signs and Symptoms - scroll down for the Neurological ones :-)

There are also many good videos to watch under the heading - Films - on the Menu.

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