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Help needed for supplier of NDT Thyriod S or Thiroyd

Hello, my first post here, I'm diagnosed hypothyroid for a few years now after many years undiagnosed, I'm now living a better life health wise although my weight gain is difficult to shift, at least I'm no longer gaining at a rapid rate since medication.

Please can any members help me by sending a PM of where I can buy Thyroid S or Thiroyd from now in the UK as the previous supplier is no longer available.

Seems to buy these now there needs to be a direct purchase from overseas, PayPal is not a payment option and the price also seems to have doubled!

My current (second) pot of Thiroyd I've just started and I'll need to buy another soon!

Thank you to anyone who is able to help.

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Information needs to be sent via PM as requested, so am closing the thread to replies.

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Welcome to the forum.

The price of NDT has risen sharply because of the drop in the value of the £ to the $ and as credit card facilities and PayPal aren't available to most online pharmacies you may have to pay via Western Union or MoneyGram.

Members who can help will recommend sources via private messages so I am closing this thread to replies.

To send a private message

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