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conversions from NDT help needed

Like others I have just discovered that naturethroid has been out of production, and that there is now a back log for orders. I will be e-mailing my supplier later for an estimation of how long it will take for an order to go through.

Meanwhile I am looking into what other options I have. I have made an appointment with my GP for later this morning in the vain hope that she might prescribe me T3 as a one off, going to stress how many thousands of pounds Ive saved them so far by buying my own lol

I currently take 1.5gr naturethroid, but I'm having difficulty reverse converting it so I know what to ask for.

Am I right in thinking that T3 in this country is 25mcg tablets, and if so how much T4 would I need to make up the difference for 1 x 25mcg T3 to 1.5 gr NDT.

I looked at conversion charts but they cant be right. My ndt is currently 13.5 T3/57 T4, but according to a conversion chart if I take 25mcg of T3 then I need 50 mcg of T4, which just can't be right.

Would I be better trying to get T3 only? Very doubtful on this outcome but no harm in asking.

As a last resort I'm going to ask for eltroxin liquid, however Ive seen the price of that as well so not going to hold my breath.

My other option is to buy T3, either to take on its own or with the eltroxin (if I get it), but I still need info on how much to take.

Any help appreciated, ASAP as Im going to docs in just over an hour.

thanks in advance

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Why not source another NDT. Members have given positive posts about Thiroid or ThiroidS. Any responses have to be by Private Message to you as no information is permitted on the forum.


Thanks, I looked at the price of armour and nearly died lol, Ive been looking into thiroid s. my only concer with it is the fillers which I have trouble with and the fact that it can take a month to get here, but Ive found a source for it if need be.

My Gp was very understanding of the issue this morning, and has given me a one off prescription for a month supply of armour, although she made it clear it was strictly a one off, and that was all I was hoping for. So that should tide me over until I get more NT

Was over the moon at the gp giving me a script. :)


That was very kind of her. A short time ago they could prescribe NDT if they thought it was best for patient but with the BTA making False Statements in order to get it disallowed (I believe) maybe she'd like a copy. This is the link below and it was sent to the BTA and RCoP and despite three yearly reminders before his early death, Dr Lowe was an Adviser to Thyroiduk.org.uk - he was also a scientist and logistician they never did respond. Probably they had no scientific information in which to argue their point.


T3 in the UK is 20mcg and in other countries 25mcg.


What do you mean by this phrase:-

"I currently take 1.5gr naturethroid, but I'm having difficulty reverse converting it so I know what to ask for."

Do you mean you have had Reverse T3 checked

This is a conversion chart.


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1.5 grains NDT is equivalent to 37.5mcg T3. T3 prescribed in the UK is 20mcg. It's unlikely your GP will prescribe it without a NHS endo's recommendation.

Acella NP and Erfa are cheaper than Armour and Thai NDT, Thyroid-S and Thiroyd, is cheaper than the American and Canadian brands.

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Thank you. It was just an emergency script I was looking for. I thought I would have more luck getting T3 out of them than NDT, with it being licenced, but she gave me the NDT without me having to go through my list of alternative choices.

I prefer to stick to nature throid it agrees with me the best. i crashed last time I was given ERFA, armour doesnt really agree with my stomach but its still a better option for me than most others, thyroid wise I do ok on it, I'm a bit wary about thiroid S because of the fillers, though if push comes to shove I'll give it a go. Never heard of Acella, I'll take a look at that. Thanks



Good luck with getting hold of NatureThroid. I believe RLC have only issued 1 grain tablets so far.


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