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Tell me where to buy online Thiroyd or Thyroid-S?


Need urgently Thiroyd or Thyroid-S

I was looking at posts for info but they are too old.

Can you PM me with reliable not too expensive place to buy one of these two online? (from Thailand, Sriprasit or Great Pharma)

I'm changing armour thyroid to one of these because of the price. Nobody should be paying those high prices anymore to stay alive.

No prescription and I'm in USA right now.

thank you friends and Happy New Year!

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I am in the US. I take NatureThroid. I get a prescription from my doctor and buy it at a Wal-Mart pharmacy for $38.00 for a 3 month supply. This product is better than Armour, and cost less. My insurance does not cover it, probably because it is new.

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thank you I was really thinking about that, only that I have no doc that will prescribe but I'm working on it. I was 5 years hypo without any diagnose or treatment, so no $ to pay endo and docs never wanted to prescribe me what I needed so self medicate.

Happy New Year!

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Mary, I just called costco and please go there as prices are even better! I may try that if I can catch my vet :) I'm mostly in Nederland-Boulder haha

Your so close!

I can't imagine Costco being less than $38 for 3 months!

My doctor is Jennifer Moody in Aurora. She would give you a prescription.

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Mary, I called today costco in Orlando, where I'm at the moment and they said $20-$25 for 3 month supply of 1 grain. If you are not a member you can still have access to the pharmacy, they cannot deny you entry.

Thanks for doc reference but it would start costing too much when I have to pay her. I have no insurance and I'm not there to see her.

Thanks Estrella, I'll have to try it. Yes, I am a member.

Nature-Throid is anything but new. Has been in production for many years.

Nature-Throid was released in the 1930s, making it one of the first available medications for hypothyroidism.

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I was interested in this post as I almost bought some of this myself last year, but didn't do it in the end!

Something has obviously gone on - greed I suspect as I have found someone who is currently selling online, but the prices are much higher than the ones I saw originally. It is a"salesy" looking site - it did occur to me that it may be the one that had put payments through without permission. It is good that we all communicate here as rogue sellers should be named.

Good luck finding a new supply.


My doctor is an internist, and my primary doctor. I live in Denver, CO. I was on Synthroid and had terrible side effects. I asked for Armour and was told NatureThroid was better. It is! I was prescribed 98 mg which did not work. I increased my dose to 200 mg myself. Anymore than that gave me heart palpitations and chest pains almost immediately, so I knew 200 mgs was enough. I also take Cytomel at night to keep my hands and feet warm.

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By the way, I increased the dose by 25 mgs per week till I got to 200 mgs. I take 5 mg of Cytomel.

I'm. In the same boat. Running out rapidly of Thiroyd but can't purchase any online... <edited by admin>

lb003, Please see this post

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Ib003 and Estrellaliliana,

I can't PM at the moment but if you PM me I may be able to reply with a source for Thai NDT.

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I know this post isn't recent but if I PM you can you give me this info?? I used to buy my Thyroid-s from <sites deleted> but can no longer. So stressed, can't bare thought of going back to Levo, I felt horrendous the entire time I was on it


Send me a PM.

thank you all, no more replies /PM needed.

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