High Ferritin.. advice please

Recently received blood tests, most within range except Ferritin 224 (6.-204.)

I currently take 20 t3 and 75t4, 2000 vitamin D, also Losartan and Bendroflumethiazide for high BP. Take magnesium, selenium and a general vitamin B daily. Over the winter had a lot of joint problems, mainly in neck and shoulders, which have got me down. I collected results from Dr, who had not flagged up the high ferritin. Not sure where I should go from here.

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  • t3rr,

    High ferritin, assuming you are not supplementing iron, is usually due to inflammation or infection somewhere in the body. Your ferritin is mildly over range and really not anything to worry about.

    Has your joint pain improved since you've been supplementing vitD?

  • I have been supplementing vit d for over 2 years, when I was diagnosed as being deficient, the worst time for my joint pains, was twixt December and February. I did have steroid injections in both shoulders around Xmas time, pain not so bad at the moment. I did have parathyroid tumour removed last May.

    I just don't want to ignore something else, I guess I am looking for reassurance.

  • t3rr,

    The high ferritin is likely to be a reaction to the inflammation causing your joint pains.

    2,000iu is a lowish dose. When was your vitD lasted tested and what was the result?

  • It was tested 2 weeks ago, result 95 (75-200), which is up on last September test result which was 87.

  • t3rr,

    Okay that's good, 2,000iu should be fine to maintain levels.

  • Thank you

  • fatty liver can also raise ferritin levels. Get liver enzymes tested to see if the problem is there.

    My ferritin spiked and I'm hoping it was from taking naproxen (stopped immediately). Liver enzymes were a bit elevated too.

  • Thank you, liver tests were all in range.

  • There are quite a lot of conditions which can present with high ferritin. Clutter has given one of the commonest - inflammation and/or infection. But there are others - see the table at the bottom of this link (there are no doubt many more than are shown in the link) :


    To identify which one of those conditions you have (if any) you would need to know more than just your ferritin.

    The condition Clutter mentioned, where inflammation or infection is raising your levels is Anaemia of Chronic Disease, also known as Anaemia of Inflammatory Response.


  • Thank you...very interesting, but quite perplexing.

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