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High Ferritin Levels Please Help

I had a blood test and my T4's and 3's came back a little on the high side but not too worrying for me and I have dropped from 5 grains of NDT to 4.5 in response. However, my Ferritin was high at 372.6 normal range 20 - 150 ug/L. I spoke to my GP who said that this was normal! She was rude about me having a private blood test stating that 'all these tests are available on the NHS'. Well if they are available why have I been told I cant have them? Sorry still fuming at her arrogance.

Why might my Ferritin be so high? and did I see somewhere that a high Ferritin might cause NDT to not work effectively? I took the Horizon test because I am aching all the time and feeling lethargic constantly just like I did when I was under medicated. Please Help.

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What a rude doctor. I'd like a lot of tests done but always get told they are too expensive. Can't help with the ferritin I'm afraid.

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Hi Tabbymaple , I don't know much about it but after a search found these,



Hope this is of some help.


Are you taking any multivitamins or other supplements containing iron? If you are you need to stop taking them immediately.

Your ferritin is high but I think I have read that doctors don't get seriously concerned until the level is over 1000 - I wouldn't swear to this though, and I'm not sure what units of measurement were being used when I read it.

If you look at the table at the bottom of this link


you'll see that there are several conditions which could raise ferritin.

If you were very unlucky you could have more than one of them, and when that happens diagnosis is difficult.

You can't make any diagnosis based on just ferritin. You need a lot more information.


Sorry your doctor is an idiot. I suspect your doctor is rude because she doesn't actually know the answer and knows she can get away without trying to find out why you are unwell especially if it cost the practice more money in testing.

In my area they actually encourage people who have been found to be deficient or insufficient in vitamin D to test themselves every year or so, and to only bother them if you are severely deficient again.

In addition when I've turned up with Blue Horizon tests showing that something is fine or something is wrong the GPs at my current practice are quite happy as it saves them money. If anything is wrong then only have to do one or two blood tests instead of loads.

Did you actually have a HbA1c test or just a glucose test? The former looks at glucose levels over the last 2 or 3 months while the latter just looks at your level now.

BTW if you have any specific areas that ache/hurt please can you edit your post and mention them as it can give others an idea of what else could be wrong.


I had very high ferritin. Maybe caused by inflammation (that's a suggestion on sttm site); I have antibodies to thyroid so this could cause my inflammation. Anyway, I have lowered it to normal levels by giving blood three times over the past year!


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