Thyro gold blood test results


I was just wondering if I am over medicated on Thyro gold , I take 1 x 300mg a day. My Gp doesn't know that I am taking this instead of 150mcg of Levothyroxine so he wants it to be reduced to 125mcg. I have to say I feel great on Thyro gold as I felt horrible on Levothyroxine.

TSH 0.01 range 0.35-5.00

T4 15 range 9-19

T3 6.0 range 2.6-5.7

Thanks :)

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  • Jannet,

    Did you take ThyroGold before your blood draw?

  • No I didn't took any

  • Jannet,

    In that case you are over medicated because FT3 is over range. How long was it between last dose and blood draw?

  • This is a link by the developer of Thyro-gold and this is how his patients were treated.

  • The last time was December and my TSH was <0.01 range 0.35-5.00. My T4 was <13 range 9-19. My GP normally doesn't test on T3 and I had to beg for it as he states that only the TSH and T4 is relevant

  • Mmmmmm....... I'm no expert but I love it when someone says "I feel great". I would say don't meddle, it's more about how you feel, it's not about getting your bloods "in range". Do you have any symptoms of being over medicated? If not then leave alone. I hope one day to say I feel great!

  • Sometimes I am suffering from anxiety, panic attacks , but have to say this could be menopausal as well as I am 50 (last period about a year ago)

    I am thinking to alternate between one day 300mg Thyro gold and the other day 150mg and see if how I am doing

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