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Reaction to Thyro-Gold ?


Hi all I changed to Thyro-Gold about 5 weeks ago because I could not get my usual WP

after about a week I started getting pains in all my joints I can hardly walk I take 1 capsule a day I used to take 2 grains of WP I did try increasing dosage of thyro gold but felt awful and I was just wondering if anyone had had a similar experience

Thanks in advance

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NO but responses to medication seem to be very individual. A tiny bit of thyroid s knockes me out. Thyro gold is great for me but can easliy beleive it could make someone else really unwell.

foxyeyes in reply to Hidden

sorry for late reply but have not been well but thank you for your reply

I’ve no idea whether you took the equivalent of ThyroGold but this information might help:

How reliable it is, is another matter. Perhaps others can comment.

sorry for late reply have not been well thank you for your reply have looked at the blog but at the moment cannot understand it so will have to wait till my mind is clearer but once again thank you

According to Paul Jones’ blog, the amounts of T4 and T3 in Thyrogold ar as follows:

“Thyro-Gold comes in two strengths: 150 mg and 300 mg. Here’s how much T3 and T4 each dose contains:

A 150 mg capsule of Thyro-Gold contains 50 mcg of T4 and 12.5 mcg of T3

A 300 mg capsule of Thyro-Gold contains 100 mcg of T4 and 25 mcg of T3”

This information may help you with dosing and could help you determine why you’re experiencing those symptoms.

Not sure if you were taking the 150mg of TG or 300mg.

I hope you feel better soon.

thanks for fast reply don't think I am on right dose will have to see if it suites me as I have started to swell up with water its a nightmare isn't it ?

I think 2 grains is equivalent to 200mcg of Levothyroxine according to this:

Again I don’t know what strength of ThyroGold you’re taking but you might not be taking enough.

One capsule of either 150mg and 300mg of TG are less than 2 grains of NDT.

I started with 150mg then upped it to 300 mg I was taking 2grains of NDT never felt 100% on that but felt better than I do now

Yes, it did not work for me and I slowly went downhill, blaming everything else, as I did so want it to work. I got some NP and now mix it with the Thyro-Gold as I cannot afford to just buy NP. Not too bad at the moment, but not like I was on the WP.

Hi what is NP?

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Rockingdog54

NP Thyroid

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