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Iron panel results

I am not sure are my iron panel results just ok or good?

Iron 13.4 (9-34) ( optimal 20)

TrFeSat 0.25 (0.15-0.45)

TransFer 2.2 (1.8-3.2)

Ferrit 32 (5-90)

D 25 28 (>50)

Fe-folate 507 (> 360)

Negative rheumatoid factor

Plus tons of other tests that only show increased eosinophil % which probably is down to allergies.

TSH 3.5 (0.4-4)

T4 10 ( 10-25)

T3 5 ( 3.5-6.5)

Not true iron deficiency, but I have understood that optimal serum iron is 20.

Ferritin seems to have a bit different range so I don't understand is it good or bad.

I am now supplementing some iron, not a lot though, but I have heavy periods and seems that boosting iron here and there is ok. Probably won't do huge difference, but any improvement in wellbeing is very welcome as I am ridiculously tired.

I also started high dose vitamin D.

My long term foliate seems okish too. Never supplemented , but I eat quite a lot of berries that are high in foliate.

Active B12 was optimal. Have supplemented some during past months, but not every day, maybe twice a week here and there. I have no idea does it make a difference ?

I have doctors appointment tomorrow to discuss about my test results. Some results are still pending as they are not given to me before doctor has seen them. Was all possible antibodies to detect any systemic autoimmune disease.

My TSH was 3 on January and T4 10. So nothing much has changed.

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Not good on iron results but you did post what the optimal lever should be and that's what you should be aiming for. Glad you are supplementing Vit D. Get tested to make sure it's working, if not you may be aren't on a high enough dose but don't stop when you get there, you will need a maintenance dose.

Your thyroid results show you are undermedicated and need to take more. Ok you are in range but at the very bottom! We need a TSH around 1 and the others to be in the top third or even the top quarter to feel well.

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Thanks :) I am not on thyroid medication as you said I am in range. I don't know do they want to wait until my TSH is over the range or what do they want. My T4 doesn't budge regardless my slowly increasing TSH it sits on the bottom of the range.

I have no idea when I should get my vit D retested? I am taking 3000 IU. Is there any recommendations when is good time to test and go to maintance dose?


Well the best time to test is often suggested is spring as our levels will be at the end of a sunless winter but it depends how long you have been supplementing. No point in paying out cash if not. Even on very long.

Sorry I shouldn't have assumed you were on medication. If you are in the U.K. then you won't get treatment till over range and some say when you reach 10!!!

What you could do is look on the Thyroid Uk site and there is a list of symptoms. May be print that out and tick the ones that you agree with and show that to your GP and suggest a trial run but you aren't going to find that easy.

Also when you do a test get an appointment as early as you can in the morning and starved though you canand should drink water. TSH is highest in the morning and also drops if you eat so doing as I've said should help but still not guarantee if will get it prescribed.


Just came from doctor. I am finnish so we have slightly different rules here, fortunately :D Will get my vitamin D and iron retested on May. Will get trial of levo when my TSH goes above 4.


At least 4 is more doable. I hope things work out for you.



The above link is useful for interpreting iron tests. It doesn't cover every combination of results, but it is useful.

This is also a good link, particularly the table at the bottom :


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Thanks :) I am so overwhelmed by how many different tests that is needed to define iron status.


Yes, I agree. And yet doctors think they know all they need to from one test, usually ferritin or serum iron.


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