Hair & Eyebrows

My hair is fine, frizzy & damaged.

My eyebrows are disappearing.

I now use three different conditioners to try & stop the shower blocking up every time I wash my hair, then three products to make it brushable.

I use eyebrow pencils, gels & powders to give me a structure to my face.

I take 175mg of Levothyroxine & have just ordered some T3, to see if it helps.

I take a selenium, B complex, Omega 3, zinc, Magnesium & a multivitamin.

My partner is great & has suggested getting my eyebrows tattoo'd on as a more permanent solution.

But I just want normal hair & eyebrows.

Any suggestions??

What do you do that helps?

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  • I suggest you get complete labs done to see exactly what is going on. Haphazardly taking a multivit and using loads of chemicals on your hair is not going to help anything if the problem is bad conversion and specific nutritional deficiencies. You need :






    vit D

    vit B12



    Once you get the results of all those, you'll know more about the problem. If your doctor won't do them all, invest in your future by getting them done privately.

  • Getting my bloods done again next week, but as its NHS I doubt I'll get anything other than TSH. (Sigh)

    I'm never sure of the accuracy of the posted tests, do you use any? or do you go to a private Dr?

  • Do you know that blood tests for thyroid hormones has to be the very earliest time possible, fasting (you can drink water) and also allow 24 hour gap between your last dose of levo and the test and take afterwards.

    Posting your blood test results can inform members whether or not you are on an optimum dose.

  • I live in France, so the situation is different. But thousands of people do use the private tests you can read about on ThyroidUK main page. Besides, they've got to give you more information than just a TSH. That tells you nothing once you're on thyroid hormone replacement.

  • bob1kat Absolutely Ditto what Greygoose has said. And don't worry about the private tests, they are carried out by an accredited lab, same as NHS labs.

    Medichecks Thyroid Check UltraVit (15% discount until 24th March) or

    Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus Eleven

    Both cover everything Greygoose has suggested.

    Details here -

    Conditioners aren't going to stop your hair falling out. It being optimally medicated and with optimal vitamins and minerals that is most likely to help.

    And please don't start taking T3 until you have FT4 and FT3 results from the same blood draw. You need to know what they both are to know how to dose properly.

  • Hair loss as well as body hair is one of the many symptoms of hypothyroidism. Once optimally treated it should restore.

    You have given no information in your Profile about your journey to hypothyroidism i.e. when diagnosed etc etc.

  • I grieve for my eyebrows daily , I pencil mine in and am considering tattoo replacements. I have spent and wasted a small fortune on hair conditioners and the only thing that restores my straw like hair is optimum meds. My hair and puffy eyes are the first two physical signs I need an increase in medication. Along with being hypo, anaemia and Vit D deficiency can cause hair loss. Many a Hoover has been jammed with my hair but it will abate with meds. Get a private blood test, it makes sense when you are up against half measured GP testing. My best wishes to you.

  • Hi bob1kat, I agree with everyone's comments re getting your levels sorted but in the meantime I can recommend a couple of things that may help. (Not miracle cures I'm afraid but did improve matters for me). L'Oreal Fibrology shampoo/conditioner, Revlon The One (the only thing that cuts through my tatty barnet!) and finally Rapidbrow. The first time I used this it worked really quickly but this time round I was about to chuck it away, but persevered and I am finally seeing some results...but beware because it has taken AGES!!

    Hope you get sorted-I know how depressing it can be x

  • Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. Hopefully the Rapid brow will help. :D

  • It is mega expensive so you will have to be desperate!!

  • I have the same probs - My hair is now probably 50% thinner from when it first started thinning.... I had to go from being a glossy thick haired brunette to a blonde, albeit gradually over time. I have lowlights and highlights and my hair appears to look thicker. The upkeep is not cheap though, but I dread to think how my hair would look uncoloured.

    I'm thinking of getting 'Microblading for my thinning eyebrows - it is much softer than other treatments.

  • Annealise my eyebrows fell out completely and never grew back. Took the plunge with semi-permanent make-up, aka micropigmentation, and went for individual 'hair strokes' which looked fantastic. Therapist was lovely and wasn't hurried when discussing.

    After 12 months they needed 'refreshing' and this was when the problem started. Apparently us hypos have a different skin texture (she has other hypo lady clients) and was unable to use the hair stroke method as my skin texture had become both thicker and thinner. Also my health had been deteriorating. What I now have doesn't look as natural but have a fringe so better than no eyebrows.

    Also have semi-permanent eyeliner which takes really well.

  • Microblading is what I'm looking at, but a little apprehensive as it'll be my first tatoo & its on my face. lol

  • Hi there,

    You can use Permanent Make Up for your eyebrows.

    It is mandatory that any person doing the procedure must undergo a patch test. This is also a great opportunity to clarify all your doubts on the procedure.

    I am based in Glasgow. But you can easily get contacts if you are from elsewhere.

    All the Best,

    Cristina Bernardino

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