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Hair loss

Like so many on here I have been suffering from hair loss which fails to respond to thyroid treament (lucky me - not!!)

I'm still trying to find solutions and thought I'd just share my latest find, Bimatoprost first used as a treatment for glaucoma was found to stimulate eyelash growth. It is now available in the UK and seems to be an effective treatment if reviews and reports are to be believed (expensive as they all are though)

More interesting is the fact that the drug has now been approved for use on scalp hair, I've emailed the doctor who sells it in the UK and he says he doesn't recommend it as a first line treatment as clinical trials are still ongoing (which I thought was quite honest)

However, I've got a cople of links that might be of interest to anyone struggling with hair loss -

and keep an eye on this one for when the report is published -

I have ordered the MyLash to try on my lashes and eyebrows, if anyone is interested I'll post here if it works for me.

If this really does work on eyelashes and eyebrows why wouldn't it work on scalp hair?

I'm sceptical but hopeful!

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Although hair loss is frequent amongst hypo patients, sometimes, unfortunately, the hair loss may be due to another autoimmune condition - alopecia, so get your GP to check your scalp. If it is ask to be referred to a dermotologist.

I have been unlucky to have had 4 bouts over 2 years but I think I have sussed out that it was a shampoo that triggered mine off.

This is a link from STTM:-


I was recommended to use Bimatoprost (glaucoma medication) by a doctor in South Africa, as my eyebrows had partially disappeared. It worked. Mymeyebrowsmhave grown as have my eyelashes. However it is expensive.



Pharma Nord bio selenium and zinc restored my hair it's amazing.


Very interesting.

Potential users should be aware of the effect below - though whether this could or would occur with scalp treatment is unclear:

Studies have shown that Careprost (Bimatoprost Ophthalmic) can gradually change eye color of treated eyes to brown by increasing melanosomes in melanocytes, and it is thought that these changed may be permanent. Long-term effects on melanocytes such as potential damage of pigment granules and deposit of pigment are still unknown. As color changes occur gradually, the changes are not noticeable and may even take years to notice.



I'm not bothered about having big brown eyes with long lashes!! How do you get this stuff? If it stops my hair falling out I will try anything!



There's lots of info on line about the active ingredient which looks interesting. Please let me know if I am allowed to post a link here but in the meantime I've pm'd you the links.

I'd read about Bimatoprost ages ago and have only just found this available in the UK and I think being granted the licence to use on scalp hair is very recent, it looks really promising but then again so do so many other things. I'm going to try it first on my lashes (says you can use on eyebrows too) and if it works I will try the scalp stuff. I am hugely impatient and every bit of me wants to buy both but it is expensive so I'm going to be circumspect and try on the lashes first.



Jo xx


...lots of posts in the past that LOW Ferritin - stored iron - can also be an underlying cause of hair loss....worth a check.


All very very interesting, my hair is becoming non existent at the temple and side of my scalp, going to look further into this...I suppose they only way to find out if it works is to try it. Would be most interested should anyone have experience with this treatment.

Thanks everyone for posting xx


When driving last monday i was listening to radio 2 . One of the topics being discuss was female hair loss. There was a female mp on talking on her own hair loss and treatments. Think it was steve wright. Look at the bbc it might be interesting for you.


Hi! I use Latisse for my eyelashes and it is fantastic. I add the leftover on each eyebrow. My brows are thinning in the area closest to the bridge of my nose. I am going to get a thyroid work up just in case........Latisse is produced by Allergan and is a glaucoma treatment.


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