Bit of a flippant question, but I'm wondering if the sparse outer third of eyebrows experienced by people with underactive thyroid is an enduring condition, or whether regrowth can be expected if hormones are optimised? Despite my bloods coming back within range, my eyebrows have defiantly remained sparse for the last ten years. But then again, so have my hypo symptoms................ Thanks.

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I had very few eyebrows to begin with (over plucked in 70's)... So I had some professionally tattooed on (my only tattoo)....what a difference to my face ! the tattoo can also make them look thicker. It was costly at £275 but well worth it. It was only the lady who done them that asked was I hypo ! She knew ! And I didn't lol.

But answer to your question, mine never did grow back and I have been hypo for 12 years.

Um, as I suspected. Liking the idea of a permanent solution though. Thanks.

7 years down the line of being hypo and no they haven't grown back

Jo xx

Toptomato, the fact that your bloods are 'within range' means nothing much. It's where they are in the range that counts. Have all your other symptoms disappeared? If not then they aren't high enough in the range.

I don't know if eyebrows grow back. Mine haven't - not yet, anyway. And I've never heard anyone say that they do. But that doesn't prove a thing! lol Hope springs eternal!

Hugs, Grey

Mine grew back after a few months but I was hypo. for only a short time for medication. I like the idea ot tattooing though and I would definately consider it.

I have found a very useful Eyebrow Definer by Colorsport (from Boots). It has a very fine point which makes my eyebrows look quite natural, rather than thick as with an eyebrow pencil.

Thanks. Good tip. I'll check it out.x

Hi Toptomato. Just to add, I have been hypo for 7 years on levo and my eyebrows are practically none existent now with no signs of regrowing. I better get tattooed lol.

Jen x

Mine have appeared - they' were AWOL many many years, I cant remember having any, and I have very few photos detailed enough to see.

I have one eyebrow which grows fairly ordinarily, the other has disappeared! I am not much good at drawing one in, so tend to go around with just one eyebrow. So if you see a blonde tired woman who cannot remember who she is or what she is doing, with one eyebrow, thats me!

That's so funny, as my right eyebrow is fairly non existent, whereas my left one reaches halfway across my eye! I'm brunette. Will look out for you! Maybe we should start up the 'Odd Eyebrow Society'!

Mine hasn't grown back either. (I am male) least of my problems and at least it matches the thinning above, which had stopped dead in it's tracks until I got my Opiate induced hypogonadism sorted, but it's now thinning steadily again!

I also find I go around "diagnosing" most of the people I meet, it's not a rare thing, although it's not there in every person I know, even those who have already been diagnosed Hypo!

I used Rapid Lash serum on mine and they came back pretty well. They are still sparse and sometimes patchy (compared to when I was a teenager and they were like thick black caterpillars!) but I have much better growth toward the outer ends of the brow. For a while there was only a sparse row of single hairs to define the outer third of the brow; it was a bit 'connect the dots'.

Thanks. Just watched the rapid lash video. Do you just paint it on brows to encourage growth?

I'm really pleased to hear there's something that might work, as mine are a bit sparse. By the way, if you click on 'Reply to this' under someone's comment they get an email saying that someone's responded to them. If you just add an answer below they only read it if they come back to the page to look at it again.

Thanks. Sometimes remember to do this, sometimes don't! Brain fog and all that......

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