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Help on test results and low bit D

Hi there. After a long struggle I finally got my gp to agree to full panel of bloods, including free T3. Results are

TSH 0.03. (0.3-5). Free T4 6.6(8.4-19.1). Free T3 6.3(3.8-6). Vit D 75(50-150). B12 496(150-900)

I currently self medicate with 1 grain of thyroid morning and night and 20mg T3 in afternoon as Levothyroxine did not help my symptoms. Previous antibodies positive for hashis.

I have been taking 5000iu tablets of vit D and vit K2 for 6 months and dissapointing that level only gone up from 50-75.

I also take vit B12 and B complex daily and was hoping that would be higher too. Definately not feeling anywhere near how optimal should feel! Dr s appt to discuss on 13th March.

Any views on levels especially T3 and vit D, B12. I know the T4 and TSH will be low although dr won't like this!


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chriscross66 When did you take your last doses of meds before testing. If you took them 12 hours before blood draw then with your T3 over range you are slightly over medicated and it might be an idea to reduce your T3 slightly to 15mcg to bring FT3 into range.

Your Vit D level is slow in increasing. Are you also taking magnesium (another co-factor which helps your body use Vit D)

How much B12 are you taking? Is it sublingual methylcobalamin?

Are you gluten free and supplementing with selenium to address the Hashi's?


Thanks. I did leave 12 hours before blood draw. I did have magnesium spray but it made my skin tingle so stopped it. The B12 is 1000mg and I swallow with water and food, usually lunch time. Yes I am gluten free and also take selenium 100ug. I guess the dr is gonna try and get me back on Levo? I have just had the DI02 gene test though so if results show gene missing I ll use that to refuse Levo.

Such a long journey with Thyroid but thank you for all your help.


chriscross66 In that case I'd drop your T3 to 15mcg then, just to get FT3 into range.

I would take a different form of magnesium then rather than the spray. I take a magnesium powder made into a drink with OJ. You can get magnesium citrate, but be aware that can have a laxative effect, or there are other sorts, just Google, or take in tablet form. Most of us are deficient in magnesium anyway.

B12 is best absorbed sublingually, and I think you would do better to change to one of those such as Solgar sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges


Yes I did try magnesium citrate and it did have a laxative effect! I will definately change to B12 lozenges thank you and reduce the T3. I ll also get a different type of magnesium. Thank you


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