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Vitamin D results

I had a TT in 2012 and take 100 levothroxine

For last three months I have had problems with joint and muscle pains .tirdness and increasing anxiety levels .asked dr for blood tests also asked for b12 and vit d to be done my GP said vit d is ,over egged' but he do it anyway my results were

TSH 0.01

T415.8 (9 -20)

B12 271 (180 -914)

Vit d 33 (50-150)

On the print out it said no action

When I ve looked at my blood results since I had thyroid removed my TSH has remained the same but my T4 has dropped from 19.8. To 15.8

Also my b12 was435 and is now 271

My dr refuses to give me more thyroxine I m only on 100 anyway

I have decided to take vit d and vit b12 but not sure on dosage

Anyone have any ideas ?

Thanks Piedo

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Your doctor should add some T3 to your levothyroxine. I have a gland but some T3 improved my condition enormously.

Your B12 should be around 1,000 so I'd supplement with methylcobalamin B12 sublingual. Low B12 can give us neurological symptoms if not towards the top of the range.

Your Vit D is also low and you need to take D3 if GP wont prescribe. Someone will be along to recommend a dose as both D and B12 are prohormones not just vitamins..

I don't know what lab they use when the say 'no action' for a D below range and B12 low in range.


Thank you shaws with the way I feel I definatly feel some action should be taken,I think no action was put on by my GP after he had seen them I doubt very much that he will prescribe t3

So will try my best with supplements


Piedo For your low B12 you could get Solgar or Jarrows sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges 5000mcg daily for 3months then reduce to 1000mcg daily as a maintenance dose. Let it dissolve under the tongue to get directly into the bloodstream, don't chew or swallow as stomach acid destroys it. As it's sublingual and bypasses the stomach you can take it without food.

When taking B12 we also need a B Complex to balance the B vits. Thorne Basic B or Jarrows B Right are both good brands. Take B vits in the morning, no later than lunchtime as they are stimulating.

Vit D is recommended to be 100-150nmol/L. You could take D3 5000iu daily for 3-4 months and then re-test. Once you reach the recommended level reduce the dose to 5000iu alternate days. If your GP won't re-test then you can do a home fingerprick blood spot test with City Assays for £28

When taking D3 we also need it's important co-factors K2-MK7. Vit D aids absorption of calcium from food and K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth where it is needed rather than arteries and soft tissues where it causes problems. D3 and K2 are both fat soluble so need to be taken with the fattiest meal of the day. Magnesium comes in various forms and you can check them out here and see which would be most suitable for you


Dear Susie ... I always read and take your advice .. and find it very helpful.. thank you. I have read the link that you send for information and guidance on taking Magnesium. I do take Magnesium but it's a Complex formula in capsule form and reading it over there , I found it has fillers cellulose and another ..can't remember ... can you tell me which Magnesium would be better to take , not just fir me but I also buy it for my brother who has Crohn's disease and therefore I think Magnesium Glycinate is best for him as I'd does not induce loose bowel movement ...........but it does contain fillers .. any advice from you would be most welcome ...

luv mx🌹


madge1979 As I'm not trained in any way I'm not qualified to recommend what's best to take in particular circumstances.

What I do when I want a supplement with the least fillers as possible is try to find a powder (I use magnesium citrate powder).

You can get magnesium glycinate in powder form so it's worth searching for that, there are different makes. There's also magnesium oil so the magnesium would be absorbed through the skin but I've not used it and don't know what form of magnesium is used. And I know of one UK supplier who uses no additives or fillers in their supplements

You might find this site helpful

Sorry I can't be of more help.


I had no medication at all before I had my TT done 1 year ago. I was well before the TT Yoga swimming walking etc. I had a goiter so my thyroid was removed. I had a Vit D test of only 20.

I then had 100mg of Levo and after only 3 months became ill, weight gain, constipation, ache and pains, freezing cold I couldn't even get up from the floor without help.

I had no help at all from Doctors and Endos so I now self medicate with NDT Just two grains per day and I am nearly back to normal. i've lost the 12lbs I gained my temp is normal no aches only age related I am 70 years old plus I am no longer constripated and I am back to doing my Yoga, its great.

I have been taking 1500mg Vit D3 every day and now my Vit D level is 42 and going up gradually. Hope this helps. I am sorry I cannot help you with your other queries. Good luck.

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Hi I forgot to say to take Vit D with and K2 I get my K2 from a small amount of Brie cheese as I live in France.


Thank you all for your comments and advice I shall get vid and b12 this week I am so fed up with the aches and pains and feel generally out of sorts

Even though I had my goitre for twenty years before it grew to size it needed removing I was taking no medication I presume my dr was testing my tsh all he said after each blood test everything is normal

It wasn't t until I found this site after I had my TT that I had any knowledge on the subject I wish I had found thyroid uk before my op

What I have learn t is I have to take charge of my health.



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