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Am sharing last months of labs and need some guidance please!

I have some labs I would like to share and ask for some guidance.Over the course of the past 4 months or so I have had labs done 4 times in order to see where I am at. Here goes:

Oct 2016

TSH .013 (.45-4.5)

T4 15.2 (4.5-12.0) on 10 mcg T3 and .125 Synthroid

FT4 1.95 (.82-1.77)

RT3 60.2 (9.2-24.1)

TPO 54 (0-34)

FT3 3.4 (2.0-4.4)

Dec 2016

TSH .023 (.45-4.5)

T4 13.8 (4.5-12.0)

FT4 1.9 (.82-1.77) on 10 mcg T3 and .112 Synthroid

RT3 51.6 (9.2-24.1)

FT3 2.5 (2.0-4.4)

Jan 2017

TSH .286 (.45-4.5)

T4 1.4 (4.5-12.0)

FT4 .32 (.82-1.77) on 30 mcg T3 only to rid myself of high RT3

RT3 6.2 (9.2-24.1)

FT3 3.2 (2.0-4.4)

Feb 2017

TSH .23 (.40-4.5)

T4 10.4 (4.5-12.0) on 10 mcg T3 and .112 Synthroid

FT4 1.3 (.8-1.8)

RT3 26 (8-25)

FT3 2.7 (2.3-4.2)

TPO 41 (<9)

I did the T3 only to get rid of such high number of RT3 etc and try and get back to a normal range. This did work and believe it or not it only took 5 weeks to do it. I really did feel just fine. I knew I wasn't at the right dose as my hand hurt and I was cold but other than that fine. I even had company for two weeks during the holidays and it didn't bother me there either. I even was able to maintain my weight. After going to the dose I was given in the fall I could tell shortly after starting that it wasn't going to be good. I just got my results from my last labs and I was right in thinking that. I have low mood, cold a lot of the time (live in AZ) and no energy or want/will to do things. I have put on 10 pounds since last fall and nothing in the eating department has changed. I have given up dairy and am trying to stay away from gluten and grains as much as possible. I am not scheduled to see this Endo until May and to be honest I feel I should change my dose of T3 and reduce my Synthroid. Any advice would be most welcome. I didn't do any of the other tests like iron, vit D etc because I have an annual doc visit coming up and don't want to pay for those tests twice.

To see the numbers rise that quickly does it tell any one anything about what might be going on or not going on? Thanks.

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Hi Guysgrams

I'm no expert here but looking at your results i would say you are building up your FT4 again by taking 112mcg Synthyroid and will probably end up with high RT3 before long again. I think if it were me i would be trying to increase my FT3 by adding a little more T3 and reduce the synthyroid a little, seems to be your FT3 has got worse again and you say you are having trouble with the weight not coming off, perhaps this might be the reason? Hope others will be along soon to chime in but those are my thoughts?


Yes, I was thinking about lowering the Synthroid and adding more T3 also.

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