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Advice on dosing

Hi, I have decided to address my thyroid, low T3 in particular, urged by my integrative doctors. Wanting some advice on proper dosing.

My latest labs prior to thyroid use:

TSH 1.47 uIU/mL (.45 – 4.5)

FT4 .99 ng/dL (.82 – 1.77) (This usually hovers around 1.1)

rT3 19.6 ng/dL (9.2 – 24.1)

T3 free 2.4 pg/mL (2.0 – 4.4)

TPO Ab 18 IU/mL (0 – 34)

TgAb 7.9 IU/mL (0 – 0.9)

Ferritin 89 ng/mL (15 – 150)

B12 1480 (211 – 946)

Vitamin D 84 ng/mL (30 – 100)

Folate is high I'm sure

Any advice as to dosage? I can only consider compounded medication and have dabbled twice at NDT, but got a stomach ache, WP Thyroid being the easiest on my tummy. Also, I know I have gut issues which I'm trying to remedy.



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Cleo, aren't you getting any guidance from your integrative doctors, as they are urging you to address the problem?


I don't feel confident in their advice as the wellness center I go to treats everyone using the same protocols. For instance, they prescribed Nature Throid which made me sick, then ordered compounded T3 from a pharmacy that mass produces meds using excipients as well as colorants I am allergic to -- without telling me. Why would I buy compounded with additives? My health issues are not typical of their clientele, which they have event admitted.


Could you try WP Thyroid which is the most hypoallergenic NDT I've found, and take it sublingually as I do? I wonder if this would avoid issues with your stomach?

I crunch my pills a little and then keep them under the tongue [at least 30 minutes away from food] until dissoled.


Never thought about doing this. It's a great idea. I still think I would need more T3 as the ratio of T4 to T3 is rather high. My only other concern is an autoimmune response. Still, great idea. Thank you.


With all hormones, you start low and increase slowly. It depends what you've decided to take how much you start on and how quickly you increase.

If you are going to start on WP Thyroid - assuming they are one grain tablets - start with 1/4 tablet, and increase every 2 weeks by 1/4 tablet, until you get to one grain. Then hold for six weeks and retest.


I'm thinking T3 only or a little T4 with predominant T3. I have not been successful with NDT, though I'm open to advice. To date I have been taking 5 mcg of T3 for two weeks. Body temperature remains low upon wake up at 35ish.


To do well on NDT, you need to have all your nutrients optimal. You do for all forms of thyroid hormone replacement, actually, but more so for NDT.

But, if you want to continue on T3 only - you can always add in a little T4 later - you can increase by 5 mcg now, and hold for another two weeks. When you get to 20/25 mcg, hold for six weeks and test.


My vitamin and mineral levels are optimal save iodine. Thank you for the advice.

I was planning to increase to 10 mcg today of SR T3, split.

Curious I should to add the T4 later?


I meant if you feel you want to add it. I wasn't suggesting you add it.

You will be getting iodine from your T3, every time it is converted into T2.

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Thank you.


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