Results advice please

Results advice please

I saw an endo.. a week ago, who ordered additional blood tests to my Gp (results below) he said he will see me in 4 months.

I am on 100mg of levothyroxine.

He didn't think was any concern with my B12 /folate results from the week before.

B12153 ng/L 180 - 700ng/L

Folate 5.9 ug/L4.6 - 18.7ug/

Any advice appreciated especially as I'm away for 3 weeks and still not feeling great.

Many thanks

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  • Yvostick

    "He didn't think was any concern with my B12 /folate results from the week before.

    B12153 ng/L 180 - 700ng/L

    Folate 5.9 ug/L4.6 - 18.7ug/"

    Oh please, tell me you're not serious!

    B12 under range, folate very low in range, and he doesn't think there's any concern.

    Please go over to the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum here on Health Unlocked and post those results, and ask for their advice.

    Has your GP seen them? I can understand the endo not wanting to deal with them, but they must have rung alarm bells and he should have told you to speak to your GP. You need testing for Pernicious Anaemia and most likely need B12 injections. But see what they say on the PA forum

  • SeasideSusie,

    Doesn't fill you with confidence that thyroid and B12d patients are going to be looked after when BTA advise endocrinologists to consider low B12 when patients are symptomatic but thyroid levels are 'normal' does it :x

  • Clutter, I despair :(

    Every day we are seeing these dreadful B12 results and I don't understand how they are being ignored by GPs.

    Today, my friend told me that one of the GPs at our surgery refused to even test Vit D and B12. She's been unwell for many years, borderline hypothyroid she's been told but it's not monitored. I've tried to get her to test privately but their budget doesn't allow (unfortunately weekend visits to the pub and her husband's regular visits to the bookies are more important :( ) but at least she has started to take a B Complex and some Vit D 2000iu which she says is helping.

  • The timing of all the results was not good. Not seen the GP since getting the results as no appt available before I left for holiday. I intend to see him when I return. I did post on the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum, received advice, but unable to follow up with Gp till I get back. I'm in the sunshine for next few weeks,so hopefully that may help.

  • Yvostick,

    You are a little over medicated because FT4 is over range. However, some people need suppressed TSH and high FT4 to deliver good FT3 so unless you feel over medicated you need not reduce dose.

    You are B12 deficient with low folate. B12 can be deficient due to vegetarian/vegan diet or due to pernicious anaemia. You should not supplement until you have had intrinsic factor antibodies tested. are the experts on PA, B12 deficiency and folate. Symptoms of B12 deficiency are listed in

  • I had blood test 10 days earlier taken after fasting that were Serum free T4 level21.5 pmol/L12 - 22pmol/L

    Serum TSH level0.02 mu/L 0.27 - 4.2mu/L

    The latest results were taken late afternoon. Would that be the reason for the difference?

    I am also on holiday in Australia, hot and sunny rather than cold and wet in UK, so hopefully my B12 may pick up?

  • Yvostick,

    Time of testing affects TSH and FT3 which are highest early in the morning and lowest during the afternoon but doesn't really affect FT4.

    I'm not aware that climate affects B12 levels.

  • Thanks, seemed a big difference in T4 for 10!days, thought sunshine might make a difference to B12 :)

  • Yvostick, Sunshine on your bare skin can boost vitamin D but not B12.

  • Of course muddled that up didn't I!!

  • PS - your thyroid results show over range FT4 and your FT3 just half way through range. I think your levo should be reduced slightly and a small amount of T3 added, say reduce Levo by 25mcg and add in 5mcg T3 and see how that goes and that should bring your FT4 back into range and increase your FT3 a bit.

  • Thanks for all your responses, I feel pretty good at the moment, (could be being in holiday that helps) but shall make GP appt when I get back, and await the follow up with endo.

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