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Advice on my blood test results please

I am currently taking 150mg thyroxine, I have taken a higher dose in the past which didn't make any difference. The following results are from last December.

Vitamin b12 is 250pg/ml. Range 190-660pg/ml

Serum folate is 5.5ug/l. Range 4.60-18.70ug/l

Tsh level is 3.31mu/l. Range 0.30-420mu/l

Serum ferritin is 89ug/l. Range 20-300.00ug/l

My G.P says all my results are normal but I would like other opinions please. Thanks in advance.

Beverly B

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Your B12 and folate are too low, your TSH looks a bit too high for someone on thyroxine, and your ferritin level is good. Do you have a result for T4 and MCV?

Read through this response for links and info about low B12 and folate:!/#thyro...


Thank you for the reply hampster1. Results for MCV-94 ofl, range 80-100fl. I didn't have a test for T4.

Its the first time I've asked for a copy of my blood tests,always come back as normal,but I don't feel normal. I had my thyroid removed 7years pleased I found this site.After reading everyones posts I realized I don't have to put up with feeling tired all the time,nil energy ,overweight etc .again thank you hampster1.


No you definitely don't have to put up with it, much as some doctors would like us to! I've read others say that a TSH under 1 is better, and they refer to Dr Toft's book. I think if you read through this page from the Thyroid UK website it gives more details:

Scroll down to the section "If you are diagnosed". You should really try and get your doctor to test free T4 and free T3 as well, to get the full picture of how you are doing. Have you ever had the thyroid antibody tests?

On the B12 and folate front, it can be difficult to get doctors to listen, as long as you're in range they think you're normal, no matter how many symptoms you have or how close to the bottom of the range you are. The best way IMO to get your levels up would be B12 injections from your doctor and a 5mg folic acid supplement on prescription. Many people resort to self supplementing if they have to, commonly used are the Jarrows MethyB12 sublinguals 1000mcg or 5000mcg strength, and you can get 800mcg folic acid from Holland & Barrett (obviously not as strong as on prescription).

However, once you start supplementing there's no going back to trying to find out if you actually have Pernicious Anaemia, and since treatment needs to be lifelong that's quite a financial commitment on sublinguals. So for people who haven't supplemented yet I really think the Active B12 test is the way to go, details here:

I'll put my other links here so you have all the info in one place:

Symptom List:

pernicious-anaemia-society.... suggested treatment protocol:

Support Groups:


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Thanks for all the information. I've asked gp for free t3 and free t4 test,he refused,I haven't had thyroid antibodies checked either.

I'm waiting to see an endo,so hopefully she will help.

With all the information you have given me I can discuss my blood tests with confidence .thank you so much for your help. Beverleyb.


Sounds like you'd be better off with an Endo than this GP, I hope you get your appointment soon. May I ask why you had your thyroid removed?


I had a goitre. I had a hysterectomy at 42, I used to walk everywhere and was always slim.I slowed down no energy put three stone on,(seemed overnight),lump appeared on my neck I thought it was fat,I asked several gps to look at it,but as my tsh levels were "normal" they ignored it,until I saw ENT consultant as my snoring was so bad,he ignored the snoring and did biopsy ,and a scan.within two weeks I had thyroid removed they said it was very big,this happened over ten years,I think I was sleeping more than awake all that time. When I asked the ent consultant what the cause of the goitre was he said just one of those things.I am 59 now and so angry that I've wasted all those years,if only I knew then what I knew now!!


I used to feel angry with myself for not questioning my treatment, but now I realise it's their ignorance that's the problem, not mine. We're supposed to be able to trust our docs judgement but we just can't. The reason they hate the Internet so much is because it reveals their weaknesses, I would respect a doctor much more if they said "I don't know, but I'll find out" rather than thinking they know it all already.


The best Dr for thyroid problems is one who has the same worry and treating it well for themselves!

I'm tired of trying to get the message home with GPs already after a few years.

Amazing that people have had TTs and still don't get listened to.

[Well, maybe not these days- medicine and Drs have changed a lot- & often not for the better.]


Yes I agree!.


I totally agree,thank god for the internet!.


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