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Latest blood test

Hi all just been to see Dr re the above, at present on 25mg Levo felt ok for around 4 months but had a nasty virus over Christmas and it left me with hypo symptoms back again (albeit not as bad as they were last year). Dr says tests came back normal reading below:

Serum TSH level 3.36 mU/L (0.30 - 4.40)

250H Vit D

Will be filed as 4....00 Lab procedures

250H Vit D 68 nmol/L

will be filed as 4....00 Lab procedures

Total 250H Vit D >50 nmol/L is sufficient in most individuals (please note this assay does not detect)


Would be grateful if someone could decipher for me. Many thanks

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You look undermedicated. Your tsh should be closer to 1 on treatment. This is a very meagre dose and doctor should raise it and check bloods in 6-8wks.

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1. TSH to high - you need a dose increase and tested as stated before

2. Vitamin D level too low - you want it to be around 100nmol/L due to being hypothyroid. As you aren't considered insufficient you need to supplement and get this tested yourself if you aren't doing so. Ideally take 2,500IU of vitamin D per day or 5,000IU per every other day. After 3 months use City Assays to test your vitamin D level. You should take a magnesium supplement e.g. magnesium citrate and vitamin K2-MK7 with the vitamin D as these are important co-factors. Vitamin D needs be taken 4 hours away from levo and with a fatty meal.

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Amazing info, I am tearing my hair out as they now want to do a blood test for diabetes (because of the tiredness) and an anemia test. I will take on board what you say as GPs don't specialise in this condition they just go by the guidelines which I think are too rigid compared with other countries. Many thanks for your help.


The other tests you want are for haemoglobin and ferritin - to check your iron levels. Ferritin is often not checked by GPs but it is your body's iron stores and it's possible to have this depleted while having an OK haemoglobin level.

Plus tests to check vitamin B12 and folate levels.

Your GP can order all these tests individually there is no need to get a full blood count though most GPs do this. So if your GP starts mumbling point this out to them and say it saves money.

The reason you want these tests is because lots of people with hypothyroidism are actually deficient in these vitamins and iron. This is missed as it is commonly presumed all symptoms are due to the hypothyroidism.

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Thankyou really helpful 😊


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