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Thyroid test results

Hi, last week I asked my GP for a full thyroid test,and this is what I got. Can anyone give me any advice ,I don't think he's given me much different than the one before. Here goes "T4 dose select. From". Will be filed as: 4.....00 Laboratory procedures. Not stated to be on Thyroxine. " serum. TSH. level". 0.145 mu/ L. (0.350 -- 4.94). " Low". Will be filed as: 0.145. mu/ L. " serum free T4 level". 20.4 pmol/ L. (9.0-- 19.). " High". " Thyroid. GP Comments". Will be filed as: 4....00 Labatory procedures. Please indicate whether or not patient on T4 . With a phone call to repeat in a month. I don't understand them but I would appreciate help

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what meds are you on

what symptoms have you got

has ferritin been tested


Hi that's how I feel reallyfedup, I don't understand blood tests at all. When I went for these blood tests I asked for the famous five as I was recommended to ask for. I'm already on 100mg of thyroxine. But I also have chronic IBS, so I'm wondering if there's any connection.


Oh and the famous five being,Iron, Folate, Ferritin, B12 and TSH FT4 FT3. But as I say I can be fooled because I don't understand them. He told me he was testing all them. But I wouldn't know.


hmmmmmmmmm your free t4 is at top and your TSH is low so in theory that's OK

however if you have developed IBS after going on levothyroxine I would be thinking your allergic to the fillers ............many brands contain Acacia pwdr which many are allergic too

gluten /coeliac is another possibility

using aluminium or non stick cookware or having a water supply that's treated with any form of aluminium is another possibility

need to know all your symptoms and whether you have been tested for coeliac

and what brand of levo your on etc

to weed out the cause


I had IBS before I had an Underactive Thyroid,but a kind lady picked me up on the IBS site and told me,if the Thyroid test is not done properly it could add to the cause of IBS. I have quite a few health issues but chronic IBS is the most painful,I'm also always cold even in the summer, so I was just trying to help myself a bit. But the Thyroid I just find to technical to understand. The make of my Levothyroxine is Mercury Pharma.


mercury pharma .............hmmmmmmm many do not find their product helpful

actually thyroid is pretty easy to understand once you get the basics

I believe theres always an underlying reason for the IBS which is usually food or cookware or extreme stress

but many people simply refuse to eliminate the possibilities


Hi, all I spoke with Clutter last week and since then I have had these blood tests done. If your anywhere there Cluter can you tell me what the above results are and if they have done it all. Thank You.


Gemini, the two results above are TSH and FT4.

Your TSH 0.145 is slightly below range (0.350 is the bottom of range) and your FT4 20.4 is slightly above range (19.0 is the top of range). Neither is a problem and I hope your GP won't reduce your Levothyroxine dose because of them.

Your GP may have requested FT3 but as your TSH isn't suppressed 0.03 or lower, the lab may have declined to test it. If you're sure your GP requested FT3 he may be able to call the lab and insist they test FT3 from the sample they have. Samples are usually kept for around a week.

As your GP hasn't indicated to the lab that you are on Levothyroxine the lab is assuming you are not on thyroid replacement and are suggesting your below range TSH and above range FT4 indicate possible hyperthyroidism and recommend a follow up test in a month. Of course, this isn't necessary as your results are consistent with being on Levothyroxine.

If your doctor said he was also testing ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate it may be the results are not yet in. VitD can take up to 2 weeks to come back.


Thank you very much Clutter, you've put my mind at rest. I did ask for them other tests which he said he'd agreed to, but like you say they may not be back yet. It's wait and see,because he wasn't to happy to do them. Speak to you soon.


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