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Test result help please

I posted my blood results back in November I was really struggling my GP thought I was fine ... I really wasn't brain fog and fatigue were awful.

Ended up seeing a private dr who from my symptoms thought might not be thyroid at all but something different. I've got the results (posted below) and am seeing him in a few weeks:

TPO = 61 IU/ml 0-150 range

TSH = 1.8 0.5-3.0 range

Free T3 = 2.7 2.5-6.5 range

Free T4 = 1.4 0.7-2.5 range

SHBG = 28 15-120 range

DHEAS = 167 40-290 range

Testosterone = 37 20-130 range

Progesterone = 2.3 3.3-22.5 range

Estradiol = 52 43-180 range

Ratio Pg/E2 = 44 100-500 optimal range

Cortisol x4 times day tested X1 reading came back low evening at 0.5 0.6-1.9 range all other cortisol tests came within their time ranges

AM = 6.9 3.7-9.5 range

Noon = 2.1 1.2-3.0 range

Evening = 0.5 0.6-1.9 range

Bedtime = 0.4 0.4-1.0 range

Highlighted areas in lab report are the low evening cortisol; Estradol not being well balanced with progesterone; Progesterone low; Testosterone low normal; SHBG low normal; TPO low so hashimotos unlikely.

My symptom fit with low T and due to TPO and what private dr said I'm thinking hypothyroid could have been caused by whiplash injury/reduced neck circulation from the injury.

SHBG results concern me a star blood sugar stabilisation has always been difficult for me so I'm linking the low T and insulin resistance.

After these tests he started me on some supplements and I do feel better than I did but not finished yet.

Does anyone have any clue about what these results could mean? I'm struggling to process but appreciate having a read before my appt.

Apologies for the long post.

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Can you post the FT4 lab ref range please?


Yes im on it


Hi Clutter, I posted the ranges can you have another look for me please



TSH is low-normal but FT4 is less than half way through range which may be why FT3 is low in range. Results are euthyroid but you should have a repeat test in 6-12 months in case FT4 and/or FT3 drop below range. Thyroid antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's).

Ratio Pg/E2 = 44 100-500 optimal range Ratio is below range but I don't know what this means.

All other results appear to be within range apart from evening cortisol which is low.

You might want to repost your results now you've added the ranges for other members to comment.


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