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Test results and returning symptoms


I am not that new here, but usually I was just reading your posts If I had any questions (and your knowledge helped me more than once. Thank you!) but this time I'm really confused and decided to ask for help directly.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2011. Currently I'm on Levo (50mcg/75mcg). After few months of feeling quite well I'm afraid all my old symptoms are coming back: I can sleep for 10+ hours and still feel tired, I can't focus on anything, I'm very sad (or even depressed) for last month and I started gaining weight without any changes in diet.

I've recently managed to do more blood test and I was wondering if anyone could take a look at them:

TSH: 1,030

FT3: 2,47 (2-4)

FT4: 1,54 (0,93-1,70)

Iron: 245,6 (37-145)

ferritin: 44,98 (13-150)

vit. D: 64,90 (10-100)

vit. B12: 650,50 (191-663)

zinc: 103 (50-150)

Thank you very much in advance. I tried to show my result to couple of GPs but according to them everything is fine (they even asked why I tested ft3 and ft4). I'm dreaming about finding the right doctor, but without any luck so far.

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Your ferritin is too low. You want it halfway in range. You need to sort this out yourself as the vast majority of doctors will say it's fine including those who actually know what ferritin is. Take 1 ferrous fumerate with vitamin C per day 4 hours away from thyroid meds and 2 hours away from other food and drink. Retest your level 5 days after finishing the packet.

Stick to 75mg of levo daily and see if that helps to increase your FT3. Make sure you test after 6 weeks.

Also take 5,000 IU of vit D daily for 6 weeks then swap to taking it every other day. Retest in May. You want a level of around 100nmol/L. Take some magnesium and vitamin K2-MK7 with it. Most people are magnesium deficient.

Start with the levo increase, next week add in the iron and the week after add in the vitamin D and it's cofactors.

Some people find if they sort out their vitamins and minerals they don't need loads of levo increases.


Thank you @bluebug! That was very helpful.

Is there any particular dosage of ferrous fumarate I should take or they all coming in 210mg?



Just noticed you have high iron and low (low/normal)ferritin? Has anyone (GP?) picked up on this with you? Not sure about supplementing more iron if you have high iron? Hoping someone more knowledgable will be along to help...

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