B12 symptoms but test results show as fine

Hi all

I'm sure i'm not the first to say this, but as the title reads I believe I have many of the symptoms of a B12 deficiency, but very recent tests suggest otherwise.

A few weeks ago I felt totally drained of energy, had a tingle sensation in my left arm and hand and a foggy head. Realising I've had this before I approached my Doc and she suggested I have a B12 test. Since then I've read up on this condition and believing it fits I bought some over the counter 10yg vitamin supplements. Now the foggy head has gone but not much else.

However, today I hear my tests are showing fine!

I find this strange until I read how unreliable our tests seem to be. The symptoms are there, I've been on prescribed antacid tablets for some 18 months and I'm convinced the low dose I've taken over the last few days has had a limited effect.

So, my question is where do I go from here? My Doc is on holiday until next week, but I fear she will say; 'just get more exercise, go for walks or think about antidepressants.'

I went to the gym 2-3 times a week until this bought, cant be bothered to walk as I don't have the energy and am not depressed.

Help please (thanks in advance).

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  • Welcome to the forum, Vxmate.

    Ask your GP receptionist to read the results with the lab ref range or pick up a printout. Normal can mean you are within a broad range but neuropathy can be experienced when <500. If your results are in range NHS won't prescribe but you can supplement methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, patches and sprays from health shops or via thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/go_sho...


    Have you had a thyroid function test and ferritin, vitamin D and folate tested?

  • Hi Clutter

    The results were:

    B12 was 273 (very good apparently according to the lady)

    Folate was 3.3

    Ferritin was 211

    Not sure what any of that means though.

  • Hi, you haven't completed your medical history on your Profile and wonder if you have been diagnosed with a thyroid gland dysfunction? If not, has your doctor done a blood test for the full Thyroid function test? If not please ask her to do so. Always get a copy from the surgery of your blood tests for your own records and so that you can also post the results with the ranges for comments.

    In your answer above you haven't included the ranges of your results. The figures are usually in brackets but I will say that your Vitamin B12 seems to be very low. A rough guide of the range is up to 900/1000 so you will see that even if you are 'within range' which could be from 200 to 1000 you are deficient.

    If you can get the ranges for the folate and ferritin it will enable members to comment.


  • Thanks for that excellent link shaws - awaiting Hubby's vit B12 test results fro BH x

  • If a supplement is needed it should be methylcobalamin B12. You can get sublingual or spray which by-passes stomach. Excess is excreted in urine.

  • Thanks shaws - about to put results in a post x

  • Hi and thanks. My Doc's receptionist gave me the following:

    B12 (273) range was 187 - 883

    Folate (3.3) was 2.4 - 14.6

    Ferritin (211) was 17 - 240

    Hope this helps and I have as advised completed my profile further.


  • Vxmate, I can't see your profile. Did you remember to save it? I think you should also supplement methylfolate. There may be a combined methlycobalamin/folate supplement thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/go_sho...

    Ferritin is fine, so no need to supplement.

  • I think that should have made it public.

  • Nope, I only see your location UK and the date you joined. If you see what you entered then the fault must be at my end :)

  • Vxmate, click on the yellow Reply button under the post you respond to so the respondent gets an email alert.

    It's helpful to provide lab ref ranges as they differ from country to country and across the UK. However, your B12 is not very good at all. It is best high in range but certainly >500 and I would recommend supplementing 2,000mcg daily methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches.

    Folate should be around half way in range and ferritin is optimal 70-90 so no need to supplement iron.

    I'd advise requesting a thyroid function test and vitamin D test.

  • Hi and thanks. My Doc's receptionist gave me the following:

    B12 (273) range was 187 - 883

    Folate (3.3) was 2.4 - 14.6

    Ferritin (211) was 17 - 240

    Hope this helps and I have as advised completed my profile further.


  • Hi vxmate, no, your B12 is not good, your surgery hasn't got a clue, neither has mine! My level is nearly identical to yours and I have neurological symptoms in my feet and legs, plus many more symptoms. Do lots of reading - I didn't have much of a clue either about folate or ferritin. Now I supplement as do a lot of people on here. I use the B12 patches, 5000mcg, my husband uses the 1000mcg patches, and on recommendation we also use Jarrow Methylcobalamin B12, 5000mcg, and also Methyl Folate (was advised Folate over Folic acid supplements.)

    If you ever buy through Amazon please use the Thyroid UK link which means they can earn a few pennies from it.


    Another good reference site is:


    and here is their online assessment form which you can fill in for your own benefit and research.


  • Thanks for the info!!

  • Taking Antacid tablets will further damage the absorption of B12 - hence it is so VERY low. You probably have low stomach acid - as is often the case with people who are Hypo - if you are that is.

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