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Finally - T3 Result!

Can anyone give me an idea whether these results are good or optimal? During a recent short stay in hospital for a serious chest infection, I persuaded the doctor who took my bloods, to test for T3, (which I have never had done in 15 years of being hypothyroid). The receptionist at my gp surgery has told me the following :

TSH - 1.7

FT3 - 4.5

FT4 -17

I am on 125g Levothyroxine daily - can anyone tell me if these results are acceptable?

Thank you

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Hi Fed up,

You also need the lab ranges for people to be able to comment on these. The receptionist should be able to give you a print out of the results with the ranges.

R xx


Will be seeing gp later, will ask for a printout. Thanks Rshana.


Hey, you would need to post the ranges in brackets. However, i would say that they may not be truly accurate as my results go a bit lala if I have been really ill and often show more underactive than I normally am?


I fear the results may be unstable, as while I was in hospital the nurses gave my medication each morning, I usually take at bedtime. The blood was taken only a couple of hours after having levothyroxine, I wasn't expecting another blood test and so cheekily asked for T3, as he said he would run the test himself! Will see GP this afternoon, and get ranges. Will also be asking why I keep getting chest infections - possibly another autoimmune effect?

Thanks Saggyuk.


I have noticed there has been a higher incidence of horrible chest infections going around in the last month or so as even the hardiest I know have come down pretty bad with them.

It might be worth getting all your vits/minerals tested like iron, vit d, b12, etc etc as being deficient in anything nutritional effect the strength of your immune system. If nothing comes of that and doesn't improve, maybe look at diet to see if anything causing inflammation. For example, my daughter had coughing asthma at night and inflammation and always caught chest infections regularly but since we resolved the inflammation by going gluten free, she no longer gets them.

Hope you feel better soon :-)


The nurses at the hospital mentioned that they've noticed an increase in particularly serious chest infections this winter. I've had them before, too often for my liking, but never been hospitalised with one!

I usually do ask full blood profile when having thyroid checked - despite having anaemia previously - my vitamin/mineral levels come back within range. Gp/Endo not concerned that levels are on low side of normal! Another battle to commence, especially as my bloods are showing I'm pre diabetic and raised cholesterol levels too! Bit of a coincidence me thinks!

So glad to hear you've found a remedy for your daughter's inflammation. (My coeliac results came back normal, but I still think it's avenue worth pursuing.)

Keep well!


Yeah my coeliac results came back normal too as they do with many coeliacs. The blood test has a high rate of false negative so you would really need a biopsy to rule out anyway. Even after that, my health was dire since I was a kid and I finally gave up gluten when they were about to diagnose diabeties as nothing would stop my sugar levels going all over the place Pretty much all my issues reversed and I halved my thyroid dose in two years. The NHS have now agreed that I have something the same as coeliac but different lol! May not work for everyone but definitely worth a try :-)

Also might be worth posting your vits/mineral tests on here as in range does not necessarily mean good as I have found out :-)


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