Finally a T3 result

Good evening,

Please could someone advise on my T3 ratio as I am not sure how to do it

TSH 0.03 (0.34-5.4 )Lower than the NHS would like ...and dangerous

T4 20 (9-24) Up from 17.8 in December

T3 1.5 (0.9 -2.5) Normal and in range the endo advises in his letter to me.

He prescribed iron as although I am not anemic I was low in the range (no numbers given but I will ask my GP when I see him)

And as previously mentioned i am to have plasma viscosity redone as he inform me that my results can be indicative of Polymialgia rheumatica athough he considers me too young for this as usually only in people of 50 and upwards. so to have this redone in a few weeks

As always many thanks


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  • Is that you saying that your low TSH is dangerous? Or your endo? Because it isn't dangerous at all. :)

  • Thank you Greygoose,

    It was my endo told me it was dangerous and risking all sorts by not agreeing to a reduction.

    But from posts read on here I thought it would be ok :)

  • Once you're on thyroid hormone replacement, the TSHis irrelevant unless it goes high. It doesn't matter how low it goes. But endos don't know that. Your FT3 isn't even mid range, so you're hardly over medicated. In fact, you could do with an increase in dose.

  • Thanks Greygoose,

    I did ask for an increase but that was a definite NO ! due to my TSH being so low and that was on previous reults with TSH at 0.07 and T4 at 17.8

    I told him i was still symtomatic and he has done a heap of tests which I am pretty sure will all come back negative the ceoliac and lymes did (I knew they would be but he thought it best to check them)

    Do you think I should wait and see if the iron tablets increase conversion or would it be beneficial for me to add a little T3 into the mix ?

    I just want to feel better and not so tired The usual I know LOL

    Kind regards


  • Well, it's a bit of a gamble that the increased ferritin will improve your conversion, isn't it. You don't really know why you don't convert well. It might be the low ferritin, but then again, it might be something else - or several somethings else.

    If you have the possibility of adding T3 to your T4 now, then I would do it, personally. It'll make you feel better, and might even help in raising your ferritin, because your body will be working better. You do still need an optimal ferritin, whatever your T3 level. :)

  • I will post on here and see where I can get some T3 then :)

    The endo was only going to give it to me if i could prove i had the genetic predisposition to not converting which although it is low I am converting so probably a waste of time doing the test now :(

    Looks like I will be heading down the self medication route

    I thought the endo was checking my adrenals because I have serious problems staying asleep but seems he was checking for Cushings which I am pretty sure will come back negative like all the other tests he wasted money on.

  • Yes, it's always the same! They only 'believe' in Addison's or Cushing's - the black or the white - they will not admit that the grey areas can also make you feel bad!

  • personally iwould want the t3 much higher in its range more like 2,10

    maybe low ferritin is the reason

  • Perhaps I should purchase T3 and add a little into the mix?

  • its worth a try but you need to get that ferritin level to at least halfway in its range

    try eating liver

  • Thank reallyfedup 123 I will work on my iron before doing anything if you think it is best :)

    Many thanks for taking the time to respond to me ...espcially so quickly

    Kind regards


  • you can by all means try taking a little more T3 sure to split your t3 dosage into 4 lots in a day

    the reason for ensuring ferritin



    vit d3

    are all halfway in their ranges is to allow the body to convert levo t4 into t3

    low ferritin will not prevent you benefitting from t3

    just take it slowly and watch for any overactive symptoms

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