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Is my disease changing? Can't maintain FT3 or FT4 and am exhausted

Diagnosed 6 years ago with Hashimoto's I spent 6 months getting worse in Levo then improved a bit on T3 then settled happily on NDT. DHEA , vits C, D,B,K, selenium, Thyroxite supplement mix, ginseng, codliver oil,and coenzyme Q10.

All good, big stressful job, back to myself lost all the weight etc

Last May things came off track.

It started with chronic diarrhoea, no cause found, Extensive investigations, food tests, no cause. Took probiotics, digestive enzymes, etc etc, Eventually stopped after about 7 months

Now my hypo symptoms are all back, sleep issues, freezing cold, tired all the time, joint pain, brain fog, memory issues.

TSH is getting lower and lower, last test was 0.01.

FT3 and FT4 are ALSO going down, I can't maintain them at all.

Surely they would be high if I was over medicated?

Does this mean pituitary trouble?

Any ideas?

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Sounds as if absorption could be a problem. Have you considered being gluten free ?


Have been. Gluten and dairy free for years

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Hi what could be happening is adrenal stress. Before any thyroid hormone is given a saliva test should be done to ensure your adrenals are well supported. Your illness could be an indication of this. It is easy to find a company that does this. Please pm me. Blood tests are really only a guide they are not set in stone, symptoms will tell much more. If your cortisol is low then the thyroid hormone will just sit in the blood. A TSH is suppressed but it doesn't mean you are overstimulated. Cut out tea and coffee these interfer with hormones, eat good meats and veg and cut the carbs. Do your pulse on rising. Hope this helps

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Hardly touch carbs, take DHEA 50 MCG for adrenal support but good to know bloods are not definitive will PM you


50 mgs dhea is quite a lot without other adrenal support. It's unbalanced. Normally 25 mgs or less is the dose but proper testing is necessary. dhea is a precursor to other hormones and converts. If the test shows low cortisol it's that or a natural adrenal support you need not just dhea.

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Quite. You have no way of knowing which hormones the DHEA will convert to.

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Redditch This video is useful in relation to Angel_of_the_North's comment :

I've found it helpful. The narrator speaks horribly quickly though. I've found the diagram the most useful bit of the video.

It also helps to explain why cutting down on cholesterol is a bad move - it is a precursor to so many essential hormones.

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Lyme or other chronic infection?

Roundworm or tapeworm?

Pituitary or adrenal problem?

Nutritional imbalance? Maybe do a Genova Diagnostics NutrEval?




My full blood count was good so no infection,

Not roundworm but tapeworm is possible I have been to the Caribbean twice. Will worm myself thanks

Pituitary I suspected, as can't see why FT3 and FT4 are so low

Adrenal it could also be, I had a 24hr urine test but they Lost it and I was supposed to have a short syntactic test but it never happened I do have a positive ANA test

I will get the nutritional imbalance test thanks

Cancer? Do you mean of thyroid? Or just generally?



Still could be an infection. My full blood count looks fine, but I'm battling 2 chronic bacterial infections and 3 chronic viral infections.

You could look for herpes family (EBV, HHV6, CMV, etc), Cocksackie, Parvovirus, toxoplasmosis, Borrelia, Babesia, c. pneumoniae, mycoplasma, etc.

Definitely look at pituitary and adrenals.

ANA is a clue. Any symptoms of lupus, Sjogrens, etc? Any inflammation markers high?

And, yes, I mean any cancer, not just thyroid. I was fit and healthy and thought I was fine until my ovary ruptured and I learned cancer was 2/3 through my uterine wall... there are several markers that can be tested.

Don't panic. Do a top to bottom survey of every single symptom you have in your body, no matter how unrelated, and take theclist to your doctor. If your doctor won't listen, find one who will.

Be persistent, and you will find answers. And believe me, it's better to know what's going on, rather than to not know. No matter what you learn, there are answers for you.


Ooh that all sounds exhausting, poor you.


Have had tests CA125 CA 19-9 and other stuff for other cancers, Scan on 31st. Symptoms at present are JUST short term memory is absolutely rubbish, persistent sinus infection, sore gums and feel tired all the time. Haven't lost any weight, no pains, gut is fine at present.

Await results presumably 31st, luckily I have good private insurance so can get more stuff faster if required.


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