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Recent bloods after coming out of a severe hypo

Long story i will cut short. Graves and rai in oct 2015 - promptly went into a severe hypo and basically spent one year asleep and getting fat - added 27 kilos. Went to sleep 22 hours a day and doctor would not help me.

Finally got a new doc. We tried ndt t3 etc and i failed on all of them. Extreme vertigo.

She started me on magnesium b12 vit d iron and salinium (sp) and finally i got off the bed. Finally i am now converting t4 to t3.

I now have graves eye disease and muscle waste. I have been up about 8 weeks now.

So i go to hospital for a different reason and they ran thyroid levels

T3 4.4 (3.5-6.5) T4 13 (9-24) TSH 0.01 (0.35-5.0)

They rang and told me to get off my 100mg t4 levo and go to 75 mg because i am hyper based on TSH. I am certainly not hyper lol and infact i thought id still be a bit hypo.

So if i am not on ndt / t3 which can lower your tsh - why would my tsh be so low.

Would you think i was hyper?

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There is a post just above yours by Dreamer12 asking about suppressed TSH. I think you should read the answers and the link.

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Thanks Bluebug - i will try and find it - i dont really know how to use these forums but i shall look :)


If I were you and had RAI so have your thyroid gland knocked out altogether, I would try levothyroxine plus T3. If you don't convert levo sufficiently into T3 (which it should do) I'd think T3 only might suit, as long as there's a doctor willing to do so as in the UK, the supplier has increased the price exhorbitantly so it's given those who oversee the guidelines a 'perfect' excuse to deny this essential hormone to patients.


Levothyroxine will lower your TSH.

Do you remember what time of day the blood sample was taken for the test you had? Had you taken your Levo that day? Had you eaten?

As you say, you are certainly not hyper. Your T4 is only 27% of the way through the range, and your T3 is only 30% of the way through the range. Getting a doctor to believe that TSH is not relevant when you are taking thyroid meds is very difficult, and often impossible. They have been brainwashed into believing that only TSH matters, and it isn't even a thyroid hormone.


Have you had your adrenals/cortisol levels checked too - not sure if it is relevant in your case but if they are not working properly might be affecting how you are able to process your meds.


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