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Test results help hypo and iron

Hello all I've had my thyroxine increased as my TSH was 2.84 and due to fertility treatment they want it below 2.5 so they increased my dose however it's now apparently 0.03 and FT4 is 22 and FT3 is 5.8

Am I now too far the other way? I feel much better and finally loosing weight but worried it's such a big swing

I got them to check my iron too which receptionist said was low and doc wanted follow up so waiting for that tonight would be good for some advise before I speak to doctor

Many thanks

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We need the rederence ranges to know if you're in range with FT4 and FT3. If you are then there's no need to reduce your dose, which your GP might want to do because your TSH is suppressed.

Your GP may prescribe an iron supplement, if he does take each tablet with 1000mg Vit C to aid absorption and help prevent constipation. Keep iron supplements away from Levo by 4 hours as it affects absorption.

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