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I had my bloods checked last week as i feel really tired. I am on 125mcg thyroxine. I was originally on t3 too after going to see a consultant for 4 years.

I moved areas 5 years ago and 2 years ago my new GP told me that there was a problem with liothyronine and they couldnt guarantee the potency and for that reason they were stopping the t3.

Nearly 2 years down the line all my symptoms are back.. muscle pain in my arms and shoulders, swollen feet and tightness in my lower legs due to water retention and not able to lose weight , in fact my weight has increased. And i feel so tired again.

I would appreciate any advice please.

My blood results are:

Tsh 0.02 (0.38 - 5.5)

T4 is 13.5 (10.0 - 18.7)

T3 is3.8 (3.5 - 6.5)

I am also trying to source a reliable supplier of liothyronine so that i can medicate myself. Does anyone know of any please?



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Hi ellismay

I forgot to add that i have since found out that he had lied to me and the real reason was to save money.

Thank you for replying to me x

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Well, I think you need an increase in levo, fir a start. Both your FT4 and FT3 are much too low.


Hi grey goose

I thought my t3 was low .wasnt sure about my t4 though... i know its below range so dont know why it says on my results that no action is needed. Does my t4 need to be around 1?


Not sure what you mean here. Why would your T4 be around one? Do you mean your TSH? It doesn't matter about your TSH being low. It's totally irrelevant. If you try to bring your TSH up, your FT4 and FT3 will drop, and you don't want that! The most important number here is the FT3, and that is much too low for you to feel well.

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Thank you greygoose i had meant tsh but now i know that is irrevelant i will focus on my t3 and t4.

I have orded some t3 so hopefully i can start to feel better soon.


Thank you ellismay. I will print these out too x i am going to mske an appointment with GP and see if she will consider putting me back on t3 and increasing my thyroxine x im not going to hold my breath but i will tell her that i am going to self medicate and that i am buying t3 off the net x

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Hi ellismay

I have revieved the t3 ftom where you told me to order thankyou x

Since then i have had a letter from my GP sayingbthat my thyroid results are low and see a Dr 2nd Sept.

My question is this... and I hope Greygoose and others will also be able to advise me as to whether i have increased my meds correctly.

I have increased my thyroxine by 25mcg to 150mcg and I have taken 25mcg of t3 (i take my meds at night) and i have felt a little benefit of t3 because the pain in my arms and shoulders feel to be improving. However this morning I have decided to take another 25mcg of t3 to see if that improve my symptoms more.

I have no side affects yet unless the t3 are sugar pills? But I am hoping they are the real thing as i got the source here x

I suppose I am wanting to see what happens before I see my GP and hopefully prove that they shouldnt have taken me off it in the first place!

I appreciate all your thoughts thank you


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