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Persistent cough with under active thyroid

I'm new on here I have an under active thyroid and been prescribed 50mg thyroxine.

Has anyone else experienced a persistent cough ? I've had it now for 15 years and though GP says it's asthma no inhalers work in fact they make it worse. I'm sure I read somewhere on the internet that a persistent cough can be linked to an under active thyroid. When I mentioned this to my GP she said she'd never heard of it.

I'm desperate to get some help as its a pain as every time I talk I cough continually.

Many thanks Anna

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hi Titchyboy

I would like to ask if you smoke.

I had cronic cough for years.


No ive never smoked, I have read somewhere on the internet that low Vit B12 can be caused by Under active thyroid and that can cause a persistant cough. I'm going to have a new full blood test done and put my results on here to see what people think.

I'm at my wits end with it, my Health Centre has told me today I can't have a copy of my recent blood test results, which included thyroid and B12 so will go through Blue Horizon.

GP also said my B12 was normal .... but what is there normal ?!!!!

I'll post blood results soon

Big thanks


50mg is a low dose of thyroxine. How long have you been on that dose... not 15 years I hope? It's true that persistent cough can be due to low thyroid levels. Post your most recent thyroid test results and people here will give their thoughts.

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Sorry it's 100mg I'm on , yes I'm going to get a print off my results and post them on here , big thanks


I am exactly the same at the moment. I'm waiting until tomorrow when I have not taken my meds and then I'm doing the Thyroid 11 blood test. Last time the GP did my B12 it's was just within range and he wouldn't consider treatment. So I'm doing the whole lot again (I have a new GP) so that I can go armed with information. One thing I have learned with the help of our wonderful friends on here 😃


I used to cough loads before medicated but now don't as often. Strangely enough it's one of those things I had totally forgotten about the same with bruises appearing on me a lot. Obviously my memory hasn't improved greatly with meds lol


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