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Hoarse voice & persistent cough

Hi guys

Over the last year I have had a persistent cough & intermittent hoarse voice. I'm really tired of it. I'm under ENT services had all the tests, they say I have acid reflex & just say to keep on taking the ant-acid meds(which I know u shouldn't take if suffering from an under-active as I do) and adjust my diet to avoid foods containing acid & caffeine. I have reduced my acid intake & drink caffeine free or no caffeine drinks but have to admit finding it difficult to give up alcohol but I don't drink excessively. My problem still persists, does anyone have any suggestions? The doctors don't seem to acknowledge these problems can be linked to under-active thyroid.

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I get a hoarse voice and a terrible cough when i am near to things which trigger off my asthma. Feathers, paint, weeds, grass.... Ask for a methacholine challenge test to make sure you dont have asthma. Asthma means you van breathe in fine but not out! I never knew that.

G x


Thanks I have mood asthma


Asthma can be helped a lot, maybe cured, by making sure your gut flora is right. I had it bad. It is now all gone. Far better from medication from the doctor where you are dependant on it for life and it has side effects.


My voice goes hoarse at times too even though I am at an optimum of thyroid hormones.

I also take Betaine and Pepsin tablets for my stomach. I too was given antacids but I had severe stomach pain for the first time in my life. I take one at each meal. Sometimes I miss breakfast but you should definitely have them if you have a protein meal as acid dissolves food, particularly meat.

Hypothyroid patients usually have low acid and the symptoms are practically identical.


I follow the instructions on my bottle which says 1 tablet per meal and no more than 3 tablets per day.


Some members also take Apple Cider Vinegar in water or juice during meals.

I have given you the above information but you might want to continue with what the ENT have told you i.e. that you have high acid. I wonder if the medical profession are aware that hypothyroid patients are more likely to have low acid.



Surely it makes more sense to eat less protein, which is hard on the kidneys.


I think anything in moderation is fine and protein is necessary.

This is an excerpt:

Eating more protein than your body needs can interfere with your health and fitness goals in a number of ways, including weight gain, extra body fat, stress on your kidneys,1 dehydration, and leaching of important bone minerals.

Granted, your body needs protein. Protein and its array of amino acids are the primary building blocks for your muscles, bones, and many hormones. You cannot live without it.

As you age, and during pregnancy, consuming sufficient amounts of high-quality protein is especially important, as your ability to process protein declines with age, raising your protein requirements.

This is especially true for aging males. Protein helps preserve lean muscle that is typically lost with age. High quality proteins from pasture raised animals are more easily used by your body than those from plants.2

That said, there is an upper limit to how much protein your body can actually use.



Hoarse voice and cough can be due to underactive thyroid, if it is acid reflux then take some of the needed biotics to sort out your gut flora. Nothing else will do it.


Hi thanks for your reply but exactly what do you mean by the needed biotics?


There are all different biotics which make up the gut flora. If you have been u nder the weather, dont eat properly or have taken antibiotics etc your gut flora has been damaged and is not fighting to help the

immune system as well as it should. At least 30% of the help you need for your thyroid comes from it. You use different ones for different purposes, for acid reflux you need to take bacillus coagulans, take it regularly, because until it settles in the gut and starts to multipy there it needs to be constantly replaced. Once it takes hold and grows there you can stop. How long this takes depends on the state of your gut, your diet etc. I had very bad acid reflux, this sorted it. The alternative is something like cimitidine, which can make you awful and which they try to make you stay on for the rest of your life . It is also not healthy to have your acid interfered with. I would also suggest you put bicarbonate of soda in your water so that you raise your ph level so that when it rises up it is not so damaging. A lot of people drink bicarbonate water anyway, because it is good for them. Half a teaspoonful in a gallon of water makes it better. There are so many things you can do to help yourself, dont add salt to food, dont have sugar, dont use sweeteners. If I were a doctor I would get sick and tired of people who run to me for help but do the damage themselves.


Thanks very much


I think it's well understood that reflux is caused by a lack of acid production and very common in hypo. Also, I thought autoimmune attacks might cause a hoarse voice. Have you had any antibody tests? Here are short videos pointing out the most common ones.


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