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Under active thyroid

I wonder if anyone can help me.

I asked a question quite recently about my son who has been ill with thyroid problems. The Dr is testing him again on the 25th.

He is being tested for under active thyroid. What will happen if he has got under active? Will it mean medications or an operation? he is so unwell ,I am so worried about him.

Thank you for listening.

Jane. X

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Its unlikely he will need a operation but yes once on medication it is for life

Unfortunately their are lots of people on this forum ,who do not do well on Levothyroxine which is standard treatment in the UK.

But their are many many people who do well on it and do not use this site which is why we don't hear about them.

Please try not to worry

Best Wishes



Thank you for your reply.

It's ever so hard not too worry about your children. I hate seeing him suffering.

Thank you.


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Hi Heather, is your son a child or an adult? There are so many reasons for low thyroid, have they tested antibodies ? Often it has started long before symptoms show up so it's curious he is so sick and they are prolonging a diagnosis. What tests has he undergone? If you know he has certain deficiencies, those should be addressed. Yes, you can feel very unwell when you don't have enough hormone. This short video explains some of it.

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Thank you for the video it was very interesting. My son is 17 years old,he has had all blood tests taken,liver ,kidneys the full works.

He has to go back to have more bloods done on the 25 th January as the first lot showed an abnormal range ,meaning he possibly has an under active thyroid problem.

Best wishes



Hi Jane, that is good that they are still checking. Do you know what they will test? Be sure to see all the results yourself. I hope they will do all three or four thyroid tests: freeT4, freeT3 as well as TSH. If the TSH is higher than 3, it's definite problem.

The video was to show you the far reaching effects of low thyroid. It affects every cell in your body. Clark has a series of 24 videos which point out other possibilities such as adrenal dysfunction, vitamin/mineral deficiencies or other causes. The problem being that slow metabolism will result in slow digestion.

It's important to break down nutrients to have the stomach working well with enough acid to demineralize important minerals and other nutrients.

I hope the doctors will also check some of those nutrients since they are important in using the thyroid hormone in the way it should be used. Iron, folate, ferritin and folate along with vitamin D should be well in the ranges and ferritin over the halfway mark. Be persistent, I'm getting the feeling that NHS doctors do not feel they owe you anything since you don't pay for office visits. I'm in the U.S. and have not experienced it myself but reading so many deflating posts have me worried about people in the UK.


So is so crazy. My mother is taking me to the doctor to check for my thyroid on the 25 too. If there is under active thyroid that isn't a serious problem. Your son will most likely get prescribed a medication that the doctor gives to restore thyroid back to normal. I'm a male by the way


This is so crazy*


Ummm... no. That's not quite the way it works. Once the gland is sick, for any reason, it very rarely recovers. You are given thyroid hormone - call it 'medication' if you have to, but I prefer thyroid hormone replacement, because that's exactly what it is.

Normally, you are given Levo - or some other form of thyroxine - which is T4, the storage hormone usually produced by the thyroid gland. It just replaces what your gland can no-longer make itself, and which you need to live. It doesn't have any effect on the gland.


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