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Eczema with an under active Thyroid

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Just a quick question, does anyone have problems with eczema with an under active Thyroid, I have a bad flare up and a rash which won't go away on the my nipples, bit personal but I'm a little worried.

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I've been suffering with eczema since I was a child. I'm in my 50s now. I have actually made big improvements in it in recent years. The first big improvement came when I got my ferritin levels up to optimal. But the thing which finally got rid of it almost all of the time was supplementing with high dose vitamin B12. The B12 actually made the eczema worse for about three months but then the eczema suddenly vanished almost overnight, and has only come back when I ran out of B12.

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leoopard in reply to humanbean

B12 can create B2 deficiency bean, try supplenting both together.

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humanbean in reply to leoopard

I supplement with a B Complex too. :)

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leoopard in reply to humanbean

Yes I did notice that, the worsening eczema with B12 could still indicate B2 deficiency though.

Yes. In fact, my hypothyroidism/Hashi's was discovered as part of a workup for worsening eczema. Have you looked into dietary factors? The usual suspects are dairy, sugar, and gluten. For me sugar has a huge effect so I have eliminated refined sugar. I also benefited from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). I saw a practitioner with specialist training in skin disorders.

Morning, I have suffered with eczema too on sensitive areas such as eyelids, a few years later was diagnosed underactive thyroid, the only thing that helped me was Dr Hauschka Rose day cream, its really gentle but effective. Steroid creams etc didn't help. Good luck

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That's very interesting about the Rose cream because when I started to use Body Shop Rose body cream my excema disappeared!!! Could it be rose oil that is the miracle worker???? Steroid creams didn't help me either... and yes, I had a very sore patch on my nipple too.

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mcooper in reply to tangolil

It's brilliant stuff, M&S were stocking the Dr Hauschka range for a while but seem to have stopped and I have seen it in Waitrose occasionally. Decleor do a rose oil too which is brilliant but about £26 a bottle, it was on offer on QVC a while ago. Good luck :0

I've Steroid creams, it helps for a couple of days, then it just come straight back, I'm using diprobase morning and night all over my body, as my skin is very dry and constantly itches, also a strong anti-histermins nothing seems to work, but its the sensitive areas that concern me, as steroids can damage the skin.

My acupuncturist told me to take 2 Sulphur tablets each day . I do and it seems to help. I buy them at the health food store. I get the little bottle that has a dispenser in the top so I do not have to touch the tablet. I understand touching the tablets can interfere with its properties.

I've had all the tests for Vitamin deficiency and they were all ok, so I'll try cutting things out of diet.

There is a connection between eczema and hypothyroidism. It is a fairly common symptom.

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