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Head, neck and shoulder pain!

Hi all, I need some feedback on what I should do or if anyone else is experiencing this.

The past 3 days I have had the worst stiff neck on my left side,I can't even turn my head to look left,the pain is deep and feels muscular. It's my trapezius and my levator scapulae muscles, they are swollen tight and pinched feeling along with the left side of my neck and I have had tension headaches and eye socket pain.. I can't get into my general, chiropractor or Endo due to the new years holiday and I definitely don't want to ring in the new year in the ER. I have had shoulder issue before but usually massage fixes it, not this time.. I have done all the basics for home care with very little relief.. hot and cold, muscle relaxers pills/creams, bath/showers with epsom salt, sleeping positions.. you name it!

I ,30 female,have Hashimotos hypothyroid, I am 100% gluten/corn/potato/allergen free for 4 years.. (my name should be bubble girl, I am allergic to everything). I was misdiagnosed with mysthenia gravis due to my left ocular muscle being weak, causing bi-lateral ptosis. I prefer to be more natural but nature thyroid is not an option according to my endo right now. I am on 200mcg of synthroid for 6 days and on the 7th day I take 150mcg of tirosint. I take singular/zertec/qvar inhaler for my allergies, and I take vitamins shots and supplements in accordance to my endo's blood tests results.

Please help me out if you have any advice it will be greatly appreciated

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Hi Renegade_muse, from your description it could be the occipital nerve causing occipital neuralgia. I'm suffering from it too at this time. With a bit of luck, easily treated by an osteopath. Check it out on the net. Hope you manage to beat it! It originates right at the center of the base of your skull and moves up and over and, as yoU describe can cause a very stiff neck and even shoulders.....



I started with muscle swelling in my right forearm around 2012. The pain went right up my arm, feels like dead arm and pain into the shoulder, neck and sometimes over my ear and into my face.

In September this year, I began having swelling n=in the left arm, going up into the shoulder and I get sensations under my arm and across my left breast.

From around 2004, (Diagnosed around 2002), I had lower back pain which is now excruciating. My bottom hurts, feels bruised and feels like Freddie Kruger iw clawing my bottom and legs from the inside.

I believe all of these symptoms are related to the side effects of Levo thyroxine. The se

sensations sometimes feel as though there is nerves touching. I have read that during the swelling nerves are entrapped.

The doctors try to tell you have classic this and that (Nerve pain / neuropathic pain). I have tried strong pain killers and nothing works.

I am really fed up. If I had mental health problems and I told my Doctor the medication wasn't suiting me, they would offer me another as there are loads on the market.

Yet, we hypo people have the levo or nothing, its as though we are not believed and the sensations are all in the head and are somatic!

I came off my meds for a month last year and felt so much better, but the Doctor's say I will become seriously ill if I do not take the medication as the body cannot run with a high TSH without consequences....but I ask what about the illness I feel now that Levo is causing and NOT addressing!!


Check out temporomandibular joint dysfunction - I have this and your symptoms look similar.


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